Sunday 27 December 2020

Navigating 2021

 It is almost the end of the year and the time of the year to contemplate what the year 2020 mean to us.  We will need to reflect on our achievements and obstacles in our wealth and career, relationship and family,  health and well being and our life purposes to do better in the coming years.  The year 2020 is a happening year which seems to bring a lot of challenges in health with Covid 19,  political unrest among others,  however, it is a year of biggest opportunity where precious metal prices are the highest at all time (look at the gold and even silver prices) and the stock market.

The year 2021, metal ox (辛丑) is going to another chaotic year with the prediction of health issue continue, and political unrest could threaten business entity shrinking.  This would mean that everyone will significantly be impacted. More people will lose their job, and there will be some who are flourishing and thriving.  The year 2021 will mean a different thing for different people depending on your life energy in your destiny or Birth chart with its potential problem which cause your downfall as summarized in the table below:-

Potential problem

What could be coming

Potential pit fall

Life energy is good

Feel more spiritual,  more opportunity for learning, 

Did not achieve much, become lazy, actually being pull out of comfort zone

unable to capitalize on good fortune

Good fortune coming your way, 

Lost the opportunity as you are unrpepare

Wealth energy prosperous  

Potential will make more money this year if capitalize problem

Could lead to money lost,  and spend more money

Relationship is good

Chance meeting life partner

Fear of commitment, overthink

Life energy being counter

A lot of issues,  cannot think clearly, petty people your life difficult,

Make mistake,  have difficult time in work and family

Wealth energy is being counter

Lost of money  

Potential job lost, over spending due to unexpected expenses

Relationship being counter

Argument and  challenges with spouse

Spouse having problem, home having problem

Whichever category you fall into there will be some pitfalls if you do not know what is coming to you and become a problem, especially if you are not clear of your life purpose.  I have use destiny reading  successfully to improve and even transform my life after I have lost a corporate job this year and become an influencer in my field.  I already know my life potential,  within four months, I have written three books (available @Amazon), start a youtube channel, increase my LinkedIn connection by 300% and created an online course for Udemy lead to multiple income streams.   Please allow me to be your compass to guide you through the year 2021 by understanding your capability and obstacle better.  I will advise you on making your year better in the key aspect of your life such as wealth, career, relationship and even health.  Below are the three types of packages available for you to improve and even transform your life.  There will early-bird discount, and the Bonus package is limited to the first 50  to ensure reading quality. 

It could be your best investment as understanding your destiny and how it interacts with the year energy would mean you will can anticipate challenges.  It helps to prepare you so that you can better manage obstacles in your wealth, career, and relationship and could progress to the next level up instead of the downward spiral in a challenging year like this.  In today world, USD50 cannot even buy a decent meal in a good restaurant. 

Of course, you can choose to attend classes which amount to thousands of USD and hundreds of hour spend those courses.  I can assure you that not many can apply the knowledge even after lessons.    I have already done all the hard work and bring my service to you as it is my life purpose to serve in a challenging time like this. This could be a game changer for you to make year 2021 the best ever year for you.  Normal market rate by an average master is already about USD 150 at minimum. 

If you are interested, please contact me through the email below for further arrangement:-

Saturday 19 December 2020

Wish upon the Special Christmas star in year 2020

Hope that all my reader survived or even prosper in the year 2020 as it had been a very challenging year where everything is changing due to Covid-19.  Covid -19 is just a messenger of change send by the universe to let humanity know that the world will is entering into a new era. 

In an earlier article,  I have stated, eight trigrams, Pa Kua,  dictate the feng shui time of twenty years era.  We are currently in period eight, and we will transition into period nine by 2024. However, the change already starts to mark the beginning new era with women in power,  technology advancement and Covid-19 problem.  This transition is more intense compare to other period change in the past as the two biggest planet Jupiter and Saturn will meet each on 20-21  Dec 2020 which coincide with winter solstice in Chinese solar calendar.   This rare meeting only happened every 60 years and what it makes even more extraordinary this time,  is both huge giant gas is the nearest since 400 years ago.  It is a planetary kiss of both titans as termed by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.   This planetary kiss or also known as great conjunction or Christmas Star,  as both titan will overlap and appear as one bright star.  It was believed this event also created Star of Bethlehem during the birth of Jesus Chris. Maybe the Birth of Buddha also have this phenomenon which was not recorded, this would need some calculation.  Therefore could this occurrence bring the birth of another great teacher?  

Since both are a giant planet in the solar system,   the magnetic energy field is powerful and impact all the energy system of the earth and we, mankind, as well.  Several metaphysics guru also stated that it is also a time to make a wish.  Therefore would advise my readers to perform the following to tap on the energy of this rare incident. 

  1. Clear your mind by meditating on back east on Dec 20. 
  2. Manifest on where you want to be 20 years from now
  3. After manifest, sit down Plan your long term goal  starting from 20 Dec on all aspect of your life (health, wealth, relationship)
  4. The goal must be in the realm possibility with concrete action plans to achieve. 
  5. On Dec 21 around 8 pm face SW direction or the moon direction at that time,  look down on the horizon towards the right which is the Christmas star direction and make a wish for your goal to come true.

We want to absorb the transformation energy which will help us to evolve to  our better self through the change.  Our mindset will be strong to remove the obstacle and implement the action plan to achieve our goal.

Wish all my readers will have prosperous in the period 9 and may all your wish come true.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year 

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Apply ancient art of forecasting to current affair – Zoom Security

Since the dawn of civilization, the human being had been fascinated with the ability to predict future events such as natural disasters,  the unknown and seasonal changes and weather.   This is because most of the human socio-economics activities which were critical for the survival of civilization such as farming, gathering, fishing, hunting and managing water reserves very much depend on seasons in the ancient world.   There had been many ancient studies which are related to the art of forecasting and divination in different civilizations normally sanctioned by the ruler of those ancient kingdoms.    The rulers already realized their kingdom will flourish if they were able to understand the pattern of nature and predict the future base on the trend to carry out certain socio-economic activities. Therefore those who study the art of “mystic” to foretold future were given a high status in the imperial court.

Most of those practices were based on astrology, a study of the sky planetary movement and star pattern to determine its impact on various aspect of human civilization collectively or the fate of human individually.

Divination is one of the 5 areas in Chinese metaphysics and there are multiple ways such as I Ching, Qi Men Dun Jia,  Bazi is used to predict future.  In recent years,  Qi Men Dun Jia had gain popularity as a divination method with the accessibility of Qi Men chart using technology.  Qi Men chart is an energy chart of the universe where it changes 2 hourly, daily, monthly and yearly. For divination purpose, the hour chart is used where 2 hours is represented by one animal sign (refer to my earlier blog).  It is the energy chart of the moment at 8 direction palace (S, N, E, W, SW, NW, SE, NE) The chart has 9 square (8 direction + centre).  There are Universe guardian, heaven star, earth door with 2 man stems each representing different aspect of life.  There a total of 540 combinations with yin and yang configuration,  total 1080 charts.  In ancient days you must know which chart represent which moment which could be a daunting task.  Plotting chart is one part made easy with computer and the second part is to interpret the chart which no artificial intelligence can replace this portion.

Since the stay @ home and work from the home policy being enforced,  online apps had become an important part of our life.  Every house computer had been dominated by at least one or two types of collaboration software for online meeting/tuition/learning and video/audio conferencing.  I did not realize there are so many types of the platform available in the market.   One of the most popular software is Zoom which I find it to be user friendly.

Besides  COVID topic,  Zoom security issue was another hot topic at that time.
The next question is does Zoom has a security issue?  So I intend to use a forecasting technique, Qi Men Dun Jia  which I had learned to find out the answer.  Please lookout for my next article to find out the answer.

I received the above message from one of my whatapps group at 7 Apr 2020 time 23:20.  Therefore I cast a Qi Men chart using that time when I received this message and start to analyse the chart. 

Day representing Zoom current status where there is geng stem means there is a problem (security issue) and fear door where news had cause everyone to be afraid of using this platform.

However, the chart is stem fu yin means authority is still the same where it will still be popular.  Hour (outcome) palace which is Wu stem with nine earth as universe guardian means this company have strong financial back up from property tycoon which can solve the problem.    This means that zoom will maintain its position as one of the most popular collaboration online apps and security feature had been improved.  Nine earth also means security. 

Sometimes in life, we could be lost in how to make the decision and it very helpful to use some of the ancient forecasting methods.

Disclaimer  This article is base only author own study and prediction and does NOT represent any party or organization. 

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Second income through digitalentrepreneurship

Gone were the days where employment is for life.  We are in the challenging times and nobody is indispensable in corporate world.  Having read through a few financial/Chinese metaphysics guru book,  found that they all have similar advice
  1. Get rid of bad debts and have at least 6-8 months daily expense  savings
  2. Build a 2nd/nth income stream,  best income would be those which enable you to make money when you are asleep and earning multiple currency such leverage on social media 

In order to establish a second income stream,  you must  have the talent,  turn it into business idea follow by equipped your self with the right skill set.   A birth chart reading (refer to my article on bazi)  should be able give you direction on your talent and your value.

No matter what your passion are,  the most important skill would be making use of internet/social media to market your passion as building second stream income would involve selling.
From my personal experience I have design course and even wrote a book and my biggest challenge is market the product I created.  I come across this useful training, digital world summit,  to help us to understand the internet market place better and apply it as tool to achieve our goal.   Online platform also full fill criteria and making money while you are asleep
Digital world summit cover wide range of topic from turning passion into profit,  product launch, understand various social media,  online marketing place and strategy to become successful digitalentrepreneur.   The training is lead by Vince Tan a digital mastermind and his 16  international expert panel trainers  for 5 days. The price is affordable at USD46. 

You can click on digital summit training link to join the course

This training accessible through face book world wide.  To know more you can click on the above link

The first 88 reader who sign up using my affiliate link will get a consult from me base on your birth chart to understand

·        which type of investment (equity or property) will yield better profit base on your birth chart and
·        if this year, metal rat is suitable for you to invest . 

You can reach me through the contact form to claim this consult. 

This class is suitable for baby boomer who is about retire, retirees and anyone who want a second stream income or break free from 9 to 5 job. 
In this digital age marketing is very convenient if we know all the online platform well.  You can make your presence in the digital world to become digitalentrepreneur. 

Thursday 16 April 2020

Condition yourself to good eating habit during Covid 19 hibernation

When go through the facebook group which I joined,  one of the immediate problem which most people has is ability to control weight during this covid 19 stay @ home time.  

This could be due to :-
  • During this period we have to stay at home  and we will more free time,  therefore there is a temptation we will snack more
  • There is more flexibility compare where we are working where we could stop for a meal every now and then. 
  • We can eat as we work more so than ever as there is nobody observing us.
  • The only retail place  that is open is food related which could be supermarket, market or bakery where there significant jump in their sales.  Retail chain with grocery had record increase in sales during Covid 19,  this mean people are buying a lot of food stuff.
  • Some people are taking this opportunity to upgrade their cooking skills. 

It does not matter whatever the reason is,  the result is most people  had been fatten up which is not a healthy sign.  There are good advices that was given on diet plan and different types of diet.  Executing all those diet plan require a strong mind and discipline. 

Therefore before we even start on those diet plan we should strengthen our mind to ensure we have the discipline and the will power to follow through.  This is hard work,  the good news is we can use the invisible energy of the universe to help us.  Every day there are elemental energy which is suited for some activities and I have include those date in Apr 2020 to alleviate my reader in the quest for more healthy body weight.  To know about day element energy you refer to my earlier article on this subject. 

Those who have knowledge on bazi can use 10 gods such as 7 killing or direct officer in their birth chart  to enhance own discipline.

The  following recommendation to  help in conquering the weight problem with specific date for certain activities. 

 The important ingredient to control body weight would be to control the urge to eat unnecessary,  hence mindset training which lead to discipline and strong will is the catalyst for successful dieting.

On positive note we are being blessed with abundance of food even during the crisis event. Hopefully we do not become David younger brother Covid. 

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Which sector of the house you should use more when stay @ home

Since we will be staying at home for more than one month,  we will need to select the sector which impact us positively to spend time in for work or study.
The following sector are good sector to use in Feb 4 2020 onwards. Refer my earlier various attribute of different stars refer to this article Understand your home energy using feng shui for year 2020
  • Northwest -  with star 8 which have positive energy for wealth pursuit and career advancement
  • West  - with star  9 will be good to increase prosperity and future wealth star
  • North east -  with star 1 will increase nobleman and open up crown chakra for wisdom
  • Southwest – star 4 for literary art and study pursuit and peach blossom

Congratulations If your front door is in any of this sector above.  
Avoid spending time in the following sector.  The table below show some remedy to reduce the impact of the stars if it happen to be in important sector of the house such as main door.  

*Salt cure is using putting a lot of salt in container preferably round container and a little water which become a saturation salt solution.  You can put 6 coins and layer it with copper sheet.

My Own salt cure

For the month of Apr 4 to May 4,  do avoid the following sector as the monthly flying star is also inauspicious
  • North  - month star 2 which is sickness star  
  • SE -  month star 5 do not have any major activity in SE such as renovation or ground breaking, drill a hole on wall
Best sector for Apr 4 to May 4 would be West with yearly star 9 and monthly star 8.  Use more of this area. 
  • You can let your children play in this area.  Children has a lot of yang energy and when they are group they be as noisy as they can be.  Good activator the for the stars.
  • Use more of this area for study,  if you have air cond or fan in this area switch on more often.  Keep this area as bright as possible.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

What can we gain and how to optimize on year 2020 lock down period

Every cloud has its silver lining and definitely we can gain something from  this lockdown. 
The immediate advantages during MCO are  :-

Saving of time 
Most of us  will spend at least an hour a day on the road to go
Preparation time to go to work , for ladies this include get dress up and make up
We do not have to go through the traffic jam stress
No more window shopping
Potential saving :  1.5 to 4 hours per day

Less pollution
With fewer cars and fewer factory operating,  the air will be cleaner and its for you to do brisk walking or cycling around you neighbour hood area.

Family Bonding
It is time for family bonding as you will spend 24X7 for  more than 30 days.   Spend more time with family in the northwest or south west sector to enhance your relationship with your spouse and other family members. 
Try to spend more quality time with your children by observing how they learn and cultivate their good behaviour.  Some of the parent had become home tutor.  Best sector to use for this purpose would be south west sector of the house. 

Less money spend
Most of the household spending will be reduced  as we do not go out,  socialize with friends unless you spend time to do online shopping,  

Since we have extra time gain,  here are some suggestions on how you can  optimize the time which you have gain from the Covid event  :-

  1. Learn something useful through online platform,  there are many affordable courses available such as Udemy and there are some knowledge which are available for free in Youtube thanks to google adsense and other internet marketing advertisement.  
  2. Unclutter your house for better chi flow and enhance feng shui.  You can unclutter your house starting from the good sector such as NW, west NE and SW sector.  For month Apr best to star at West sector.    If you do it at the correct timing with presence of auspicious star at that sector you could activate positive energy which bring you small fortune or noble man. 
  3. Learn meditation which increase your level of consciousness and open up your chakras.  There are a lot of gurus from feng shui master to investment gurus always stated on the ability to see opportunity.  It sound simple to say so,  however in order to do this you must be a higher level of consciousness  than ordinary people then you can see what other people failed to see.   You can check this link for some meditation advise.  If you find meditation difficult,  then you can by doing some thinking. Do check this video about meditation  
  4. Cultivate your reading habit.  Read a book which will impact your life. If you buy books,  you keep the receipt you can also claim for income tax rebate in Malaysia.   This is the best option for some who do not have good internet connection,  a good book is always a good company.  Sometime you will tend to get distracted in the internet,  and a book will keep you focus.
  5. Family bonding activities such as Improve your cooking skills as some my friends do where they post all nice food they prepare for their family during this time to enhance bonding time.  A way to please a man is through his stomach.  
Please refer to the below for auspicious date to do some of activities.

Time is a precious resources,  time is money.  I hope my reader will use the time given wisely.  Robin Sharma,  a famous author , premier speaker and advisers to fortune 500 companies had stated that days are our life in miniature and what we do correct daily will lead us to significant achievements.

Monday 13 April 2020

Understand your home energy using feng shui for year 2020

Xuan kong flying star a study of feng shui or  chi flow in living space base the type of energy represent by number for each sector of the house,  total 9 sector North, south, east, west, NW, NE, SW and SE and center.   The energy flow will change by hour, day, month and year.  The biggest impact will year changes, with arrival of new spring Li chun every year the energy field represented by number of the 8 direction  will change to different energy. 
For those who do not know on how to determine the location in which area of the house you can
  1. Stand in centre of the house and check the compass pointing direction
  2. Check the 1st ray of the morning area ,  that should be east or where does the sun set,  that is the east area
  3. Once you know one sector direction you should be able to plot all the 9 grids for rest of direction sector per the illustration in this article

Different directional sector of the house and year 2020 flying star

Each sector will have a good or bad energy field depending on what flying star for that year which start li chun (usually on 4th feb).  We will want to activate the good energy field so that the energy/chi can flow in that area.  Most feng shui sifu will use either water or fire activation.  However for simplicity,  the best way to “activate” the chi flow of good star would use that sector more often and clean that sector more.  Do NOT put rubbish or dustbin on the good sector.
Refer to the table below on the what star number mean and what is the impact.  (+) denote auspicious star and (–) denote inauspicious star which you want to avoid.

 Please look out for my next article on which sector of the house you should use more to tap on a good environment chi.

Sunday 12 April 2020

Wealth distribution in year 2020.

Year 2020 is going to be the year opportunity and challenges  depends on what is your day master, what you do for living and how is your approach towards this black swan event.  Jia and Yi wood day master will find this year a challenging year as metal chop wood.  For those who do not know what is your day master,  you fill in the contact form in this blog on the right and I shall let you know what is your day master. 
There are many feng shui masters predicted  that 2020 is going to be a slow year with stagnant economy because abundance of earth which is non moving element.  Even people is force to go into hiding similar to  rat hiding in underground!  This has created a chain effect where there is almost no retail, entertainment,  social gathering  spending.  Shopping malls and street looks like a ghost town.  

Rat had gone hiding in the abundance of earth in year 2020 Li chun chart  just as human been lock down 

This is a time where there will be imbalance distribution of wealth using pareto principle where there will be 2 category

  • 10% of people will get 90% of wealth 
  • 90% of people will get 10% wealth 

Who will be in category 1 and 2 ,  refer to the table below :-

For those who are in category 1 please ensure you stay quiet and spend money only daily essential such as food and utility bills.  At this time the more investment you made will have high chances of financial loss.
It does NOT matter which category you belong to as good and bad time does not last forever.  Since everyone will be staying at home,  understanding a bit of house feng shui to tap on good energy is important.  Everyone will also gain some extra time, hence it is important we use the time for create a better future us. I will share more in my next article.

Saturday 11 April 2020

What is happening to the world in year 2020?

After the arrival of spring which mark the beginning of metal rat year (geng zi) 2020,  there had been pandemic of corona virus (Covid 19) which had impacted  vast majority of human population across the globe from east (Korea, Japan, Taiwan China) to west (Europe, US)  and north to south.  There had never been epidemic of this scale being recorded in the history.  The SARS virus outbreak  peak in 2003 were focus in east China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, south east Asia and Canada.   If we were to revisit modern history of mankind,  there were only 1 major event had impact mankind globally which was World War world war 2 where almost the entire population in the Pacific rim, US and Europe were affected.   Almost every year there is some region centric disaster such as major earthquake in Japan, China and Taiwan, nuclear disaster in Japan Fukushima and Russia Chernobyl and major  hurricane  in US. 

The global spread of this pandemic had been a subject intrigue to many  spiritual gurus, religion teacher,  astrologer and Chinese metaphysics master (popularly known as feng shui master) .  Over the past one month during MCO period I had received countless of sharing in several of my whatapps groups on prediction of  how 2020 is going to be a challenging for everyone.  I salute to all the master who had accurately predict the potential wide spread of disease be it Indian astrology or Chinese metaphysics or hybrid of both.  Indian astrology predicted the movement of several major planets  Jupiter, Mars and Saturn planet in alignment and presence north node where earth and moon orbit known Rahu, god of eclipse.  This is  an inauspicious energy which have negative impact to the earth.  In Chinese metaphysics,  the feng shui masters uses the arrival of spring () 4 pillars / 8 characters chart to predict quality of the year. 

You can refer to my earlier blog to understand more about 4 pillars (

This had prompt me to do some interpretation and reverse engineering based the 4 pillar chart below of this year  Li Chun time, day, month and year.  

Li Chun Metal Rat year 2020 
  1. In metal rat year, the energy of earth is strong per 4 pillar energy chart above. 
  2. Besides that water is present in abundance and  metal being the weak element.  In relationship of 5 elements (refer to my article )  earth control water. 
  3. With the presence of earth in abundance it will contaminate water, therefore water related industry such as transportation and tourism will suffer.  Water become stagnant and no movement.  When earth is contaminating water,  it also denote sickness as convid is spreading through saliva droplets saliva aka contaminated water by virus. 
  4. Lung is a metal organ which expose to the external energy  in year pillar represent social circle, it is easily attack by contaminated water through social contact.  Wide spread could be due most abundance  water and earth element (Ocean and land) which make up the earth, thus it has become global challenge
  5. Maybe those who had contacted the virus would have weak metal in bazi chart or in year pillar.

The next question would be when will this pandemic be over,
Many master predict that this pandemic will be over by Jun which is water horse month, the peak of summer.  From Chinese metaphysics aspect  there will be rat (water) and horse (fire element) clash,  therefore definitely there will be some changes.   Whether it will be good or bad changes,  I will leave it to the master to do the prediction.  

Disclaimer  : what I have presented here is based on my own interpretation base on my knowledge  in Chinese metaphysics

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