Wednesday, 3 February 2021

What Year 2021 Has in Store for You?

 The arrival of spring (li Chun -立春)  in the Chinese solar calendar signifies a new year.  Ever since in ancient times,  the 立春 (spring) energy chart (eight character Bazi chart) is used to predict the general outcome of the year such as harvest, potential disaster and well being of the population.   Feng shui master had used the arrival of li Chun birth chart to predict the coming year global economy,  political outcome, financial market etc. in the modern times.  This is when famous Feng Shui master will appear on a TV program to talk about their interpretation based on this energy chart found in farmer handbook or Almanac (tung shing  通勝).

The year 2020 had been challenging for most. It is also a rewarding year for a minority with all the lockdown,  political, and socio-economic unrest happening worldwide and a significant turnaround in the financial market. Looking back the Year 2020 li Chun energy chart,  the year 2020 wealth element, metal, is still readily available as it appears stem as some government also gives out a lot of stimulus package to fuel the economy (Wealth element mostly are not the same every year). There was also a secret conspiracy happening in politics as the month and day branch ox, and the tiger is underground combination energy per the chart below.  This coincide with the many internet reports of a certain oligarchy bringing a change in political party in one of the world’s most powerful nation.

I am sure everyone would be interested to know what the year 2021 will be especially on financial matters. 2021 will be an exciting year where there will be even more secret conspiracy and wealth is involved in the collaboration in multiple directions.  The wealth element for the year 2021 is fire and fire appear in the day branch Horse, and the study of 5 element energy stated water would combine with Horse (fire). Refer to the chart below.  Therefore, it would not be easy to get wealth, which requires massive plotting and scheming.  Worst still there are secret conspiracies everywhere,  where there will be political conspiracy represent by year and month branch hidden stems. Even you cannot see it in this chart.

There will also be an internal conspiracy involving day and hour branch of the chart.   Since the wealth element is internal, it means that staying at home to work and involving technology as fire represents technology.   Home business will continue to thrive with the aid of technology. Example home bakery with whatapps and Facebook marketing (technology).  Since the fire wealth element is combined in multiple directions,  would advise everyone to consider a secondary income source.   If you have an abundance of wealth element of the year in your birth chart, you could either gain wealth or lost wealth. 

I hope this will give you an idea that pandemic will not end that soon and means we still have to stay at home for a while and work on getting a secondary source of income from home with the aid of technology.

Finally would like to wish everyone a Happy Li Chun and a new beginning with a new mindset to prepare for 2021 challenges. 

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Navigating 2021

 It is almost the end of the year and the time of the year to contemplate what the year 2020 mean to us.  We will need to reflect on our achievements and obstacles in our wealth and career, relationship and family,  health and well being and our life purposes to do better in the coming years.  The year 2020 is a happening year which seems to bring a lot of challenges in health with Covid 19,  political unrest among others,  however, it is a year of biggest opportunity where precious metal prices are the highest at all time (look at the gold and even silver prices) and the stock market.

The year 2021, metal ox (辛丑) is going to another chaotic year with the prediction of health issue continue, and political unrest could threaten business entity shrinking.  This would mean that everyone will significantly be impacted. More people will lose their job, and there will be some who are flourishing and thriving.  The year 2021 will mean a different thing for different people depending on your life energy in your destiny or Birth chart with its potential problem which cause your downfall as summarized in the table below:-

Potential problem

What could be coming

Potential pit fall

Life energy is good

Feel more spiritual,  more opportunity for learning, 

Did not achieve much, become lazy, actually being pull out of comfort zone

unable to capitalize on good fortune

Good fortune coming your way, 

Lost the opportunity as you are unrpepare

Wealth energy prosperous  

Potential will make more money this year if capitalize problem

Could lead to money lost,  and spend more money

Relationship is good

Chance meeting life partner

Fear of commitment, overthink

Life energy being counter

A lot of issues,  cannot think clearly, petty people your life difficult,

Make mistake,  have difficult time in work and family

Wealth energy is being counter

Lost of money  

Potential job lost, over spending due to unexpected expenses

Relationship being counter

Argument and  challenges with spouse

Spouse having problem, home having problem

Whichever category you fall into there will be some pitfalls if you do not know what is coming to you and become a problem, especially if you are not clear of your life purpose.  I have use destiny reading  successfully to improve and even transform my life after I have lost a corporate job this year and become an influencer in my field.  I already know my life potential,  within four months, I have written three books (available @Amazon), start a youtube channel, increase my LinkedIn connection by 300% and created an online course for Udemy lead to multiple income streams.   Please allow me to be your compass to guide you through the year 2021 by understanding your capability and obstacle better.  I will advise you on making your year better in the key aspect of your life such as wealth, career, relationship and even health.  Below are the three types of packages available for you to improve and even transform your life.  There will early-bird discount, and the Bonus package is limited to the first 50  to ensure reading quality. 

It could be your best investment as understanding your destiny and how it interacts with the year energy would mean you will can anticipate challenges.  It helps to prepare you so that you can better manage obstacles in your wealth, career, and relationship and could progress to the next level up instead of the downward spiral in a challenging year like this.  In today world, USD50 cannot even buy a decent meal in a good restaurant. 

Of course, you can choose to attend classes which amount to thousands of USD and hundreds of hour spend those courses.  I can assure you that not many can apply the knowledge even after lessons.    I have already done all the hard work and bring my service to you as it is my life purpose to serve in a challenging time like this. This could be a game changer for you to make year 2021 the best ever year for you.  Normal market rate by an average master is already about USD 150 at minimum. 

If you are interested, please contact me through the email below for further arrangement:-

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Wish upon the Special Christmas star in year 2020

Hope that all my reader survived or even prosper in the year 2020 as it had been a very challenging year where everything is changing due to Covid-19.  Covid -19 is just a messenger of change send by the universe to let humanity know that the world will is entering into a new era. 

In an earlier article,  I have stated, eight trigrams, Pa Kua,  dictate the feng shui time of twenty years era.  We are currently in period eight, and we will transition into period nine by 2024. However, the change already starts to mark the beginning new era with women in power,  technology advancement and Covid-19 problem.  This transition is more intense compare to other period change in the past as the two biggest planet Jupiter and Saturn will meet each on 20-21  Dec 2020 which coincide with winter solstice in Chinese solar calendar.   This rare meeting only happened every 60 years and what it makes even more extraordinary this time,  is both huge giant gas is the nearest since 400 years ago.  It is a planetary kiss of both titans as termed by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.   This planetary kiss or also known as great conjunction or Christmas Star,  as both titan will overlap and appear as one bright star.  It was believed this event also created Star of Bethlehem during the birth of Jesus Chris. Maybe the Birth of Buddha also have this phenomenon which was not recorded, this would need some calculation.  Therefore could this occurrence bring the birth of another great teacher?  

Since both are a giant planet in the solar system,   the magnetic energy field is powerful and impact all the energy system of the earth and we, mankind, as well.  Several metaphysics guru also stated that it is also a time to make a wish.  Therefore would advise my readers to perform the following to tap on the energy of this rare incident. 

  1. Clear your mind by meditating on back east on Dec 20. 
  2. Manifest on where you want to be 20 years from now
  3. After manifest, sit down Plan your long term goal  starting from 20 Dec on all aspect of your life (health, wealth, relationship)
  4. The goal must be in the realm possibility with concrete action plans to achieve. 
  5. On Dec 21 around 8 pm face SW direction or the moon direction at that time,  look down on the horizon towards the right which is the Christmas star direction and make a wish for your goal to come true.

We want to absorb the transformation energy which will help us to evolve to  our better self through the change.  Our mindset will be strong to remove the obstacle and implement the action plan to achieve our goal.

Wish all my readers will have prosperous in the period 9 and may all your wish come true.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year 

What Year 2021 Has in Store for You?

  The arrival of spring (li Chun - 立春 )  in the Chinese solar calendar signifies a new year.  Ever since in ancient times,  the 立春 (spring)...