Monday, 7 February 2022

How to use Chinese Astrology page calendar (日历) for Date selection 择日

I have shared on the Chinese astrology 12 day energy or commonly known as  12 day officer method to do an astrology date selection based on the 12 animal sign in my recent article.  The 12 animal branches is the measurement of season and time in the 4 pillars of year, month, day and hour.  You can refer to my past articles to learn more about the 12 animal signs.

One of the date selection method is using 12 day officer in Chinese astrology which is base on interaction of each animal sign with the month animal sign. 

One of the best method to check what is the animal of the day and month would be to use the Chinese Astrology  page calendar (日历).  Chinese Astrology page calendar is a thick calendar with 365/366 pages,  one page for each day.  It starts from 1 Jan till 31 Dec. 

There are wealth of information available in the Chinese astrology page calendar.  This include :-

  1. Month branch animal sign
  2. Day branch animal sign
  3. The day energy/officer which govern the day
  4. Suitable activities for the day

It is based on Chinese Almanac (通胜).  I viewed this calendar as a simplified version of the Chinese Almanac (通胜). 

You can dowload a copy of free 2022 day energy calendar for you to schedule your important activity in English.

Do view the you tube  video below 👇 for more information on how to use the Chinese astrology page calendar

Align day energy with correct activity in Date Selection 择日

The Chinese solar calendar is like a 5 elements energy map of the day and even up to 2 hour resolution.  You can translate a Gregorian calendar into Chinese solar calendar energy pattern by using

  1. Ten thousand year calendar
  2. Computer software which is use for destiny or bazi analysis
  3. Chinese Almanac ()
  4. Chinese page calendar

Since there are 12 animal signs in 4 pillar solar calendar branch,  therefore there 12 types of day energy in date selection (12日官择日法).  

Each year there one of the twelve animal sign, each month there are one animal sign, each day there is one animal and up to 2 hour one animal sign.  You can view the youtube for more detail explanation. 

How each of the 12 animal sign interact with the day animal will form one type of energy or known as officer of the day. 

The table show 12 types of day energy on what they are suitable for.




Suitable Activities



Begin a project , increase the focus,



Solve problem, surgery remove bad stuff , lost weight, detox



Launching new product,  recruit,  family gathering



Be able to see things as they are.  Do not be swamped, neutral , prefer not use for legal matters



Created meaningful connections or face to face networking, partnership, open new market



Initiate something,  new project, marketing testing



Painful removal, destroy something for good, drastic



Turn situation around, opportunity in danger , strategize



Best day, General good day, good for wealth,  do not use for legal matters,



personal branding, and reputation,  nobility,  get back money, good day to conceive



Second best, to open new market, look for long lost relationship, do not use surgery



Closing chapter, close case/sales,  remove past baggage, heal mental state for clarity, research

For more information on the 12 branch animal sign in year, month, day and hour pattern do refer to the youtube video below

Monday, 31 January 2022

Does deposit money in Li chun 立春 or Solar Chinese New year 2022 bring good luck?

Does  depositing money in your bank account on Li Chun 立春 arrival of new spring  day really bring good fortune for the whole year?  The Chinese calendar system is base 5 elements energy of time from year, month, day and hour.  Li Chun  or arrival of spring is a new beginning in Chinese solar calendar. 

There are many rituals performed to receive the new spring or new year and the most famous  would be to deposit money into your bank account or open new bank account.

In the previous year I have seen long queues at the ATM on the so call auspicious hour.  

I have receive a poster stating about date and time to deposit money during li chun

There are 2 aspects which I would look at  to check if depositing money in to bank consider as auspicious during Li Chun

  • Li Chun day energy

Li Chun like any other days,  has its own 5 elements energy pattern in the year, month, day and hour pillar.  This year li Chun 4 Feb is an open day and consider as auspicious.  There are only one wealth star present which is earthly storage.   Not a strong wealth day. 

Out of all the hour given, there are only 2 really auspicious hour of the day,  3-4:59 pm and 5 to 6:59 pm.

5 Feb does not even have any present so not suitable for wealth related activities unless your personal wealth star is present.

  •  Wealth related activities

I will not consider depositing money into a bank will bring good fortune.  It is just recycle of the same money. Money you deposit into your bank account could be from one pocket to another pocket and the growth will be quite limited. 

Money related activities would be  converting your effort in wealth. This include investment which grow over time, marketing, closing a sale.   

 A good fortune  related to wealth is achieve through careful planning effort of exchange one form of energy to wealth energy.

It is not through one action depositing money to bank account on a certain day. 

 I would use this Li Chun open day for networking and subsequent 5 Feb which is a close day  to plan for upcoming year budget. 

This the Youtube video to explain more about Li Chun.

How to use Chinese Astrology page calendar (日历) for Date selection 择日

I have shared on the Chinese astrology 12 day energy or commonly known as  12 day officer method to do an astrology date selection based on...