Wednesday 6 June 2018

Destiny analysis based on birth energy map of 4 pillars (bazi) Part 1

From the last article,  we have learned about how to transform a Gregorian date to a 4 pillar 8 character chart which could contain all 5 elements or a few of the elements.  There are twelve baizi charts in a day due to the 12 animal signs pairing with heavenly stems which will change every 2 hours.  For example for the date  10 Apr 2018 starting from 12 am rat hour and will end on 10 Apr 2018 11:59 pm  rat(zi)  hour.

10 Apr 2018 2 hourly element energy chart, 12 charts  per day,  Edmund energy chart is with red edge

If there is baby boy name Edmund born on 10 Apr 2018 at 9:45 am, this means his birth chart is the one with red edge. 

The moment he is born he has already absorbed the elemental energy from his first cry and the energy of that hour will be programed into his whole existence of body and mind.  The time energy from year, month, and day and hour pillar will impact his life’s journey which cannot be change.  This is also known as the heaven luck (refer to my article The 4 planes which governs human destiny)

Refer to this youtube video for more explanation 

10 self-elements

We already know that there are 5 universal energies wood, fire, earth, metal and water and each of the element energy has a ying and yang polarity.  The day stem of the birth denotes our self-element and 10 types of self elements.

Zooming into Edmund’s chart,  the day heavenly stem Ren water is his self-element,  which mean he will show the base* traits of Ren water equivalent to sea or vast river which is free flowing and temperamental like the sea.  Self-element is also known as the day master.  

10 self elements derived from 5 elements in Yin and Yang polarity

* - as birth chart is govern by  a few or all 5 element energies,  sometimes self element of water person might not show obvious traits of self element  due to interaction among elements. Example is water self element person has too much earth energy in the chart,  earth control water,  chances this person will not be so flexible or free flowing as water.
Edmund self element is Ren water as he is born in ren water energy day

Strength of self-element

Most master would start to understand an individual by classifying  the strength of the self element in the day stem.
Generally self-element is strengthened by :-

  1. supported by same element in the branch rooting,
  2. Supported by same element in the next pillar
  3. born in the month of same element 
  4. there is resource element which can easily create him
  5. Chart interaction which transform to element which can support self-element

A moderate strength self-element which is in balance with all the 5 elements’ strength in the birth chart is preferred.  Each element governs a life’s aspects such as wealth, resource learning, self-discipline, output creation and friends in our life in relation to the day master element.  If self has too much resource learning in his destiny, chances are the person would be spoon fed all his life and tend to be lazy.    We shall learn more about all the element role in relation to day master in the consecutive article.

Another example is,  if the day master is earth and has too much earth in the chart and there are no other element to control the earth, then the person could be very slow as earth is almost non moving!

The five elements must exist in harmony and balanced relationship in the chart for a person to have a healthy life.  One of the way to exist in harmony with each element would be for the element to produce the other element in the pillar next to each other.  With smooth transition of energy, the owner of the chart would have a good qi and healthy.

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