Sunday 9 January 2022

Special energy date to empower you in the new year, 2022 year of water tiger.

End of the year before the arrival of the new spring  and Chinese new year according to both Chinese Solar and Lunar  calendar is always the busiest time for any Chinese family.   The arrival of new spring in solar calendar is 4 Feb each year (plus minus one day).  The Chinese Lunar New year between end of Jan to early Feb.   We will transition into 2022  year of water tiger  on 4 Feb this year and the Chinese lunar new year on 1 Feb 2022. 

The main activities to prepare the new year would be :-

  1. Spring cleaning
  2. Self cleansing
  3. Hang red banner

Some good energy activation date from feng shui perspective.

This is followed by activities to usher the new spring which include

Receive good energy in the form of god of wealth and nobility on the eve of Chinese new year

  1. Commencement of work after a long break, 
  2. Since all these of these activities are important all the feng shui masters will select a good energy date to perform those activities to have a good new beginning. 

Good energy date means that the month and day pillar are in harmony and there are good stars available on the day. 

Chinese solar calendar which consists of the four pillar  from year, day, month and hour is an energy map of the time in relation energy field of the earth orbiting the sun. 

I have compile a booklet which consist  of the good dates for all the activities above to usher in 2022 year of water tiger and it is available for download per below.  

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