Monday 18 June 2018

Multiple Application of Birth Chart Information in Life

By now we would have already know that the 4 pillar bazi birth chart  contain information on person’s character, wealth and career luck, health, relationship, children. Bazi can be even be deciphered what is in store for us in life and when a certain event happen in our life through 10 year and annual luck pillar.      
Besides the 4 pillars in birth chart represent year, month, day and hour,  each person will have luck pillar which will change every 10 years.  There is formula to derive the age of the person when will luck pillar start which could range from 1 to 9 year old).  Nowadays there many software capable of doing the calculation of luck cycle.   There are always something or someone either positive or negative waiting to come into your life in each luck cycle.  It is very important we can at least guestimate what and when will happen so that we are prepare to receive our present in life.  If there is something good such as wealth making opportunity then we would like to get ready with all skillset to harness all opportunities given.  If there some risk even such as potential breakup in a relationship then we will need to take action to mitigate the risk.
Below are the examples on how we can apply those information available through our birth chart to improve our life through  our wealth, health and relationship.  There is always action for us to take in every luck cycle in order to reap the rewards or mitigate risk that could come to us.

Information in birth chart
Birth chart element
Day master
Dominant element
Chart interaction
Stem and branch
Aware of your own character, your strength and understand people around you such as your boss, your staff, enemy, competitor character and their fear for you to gain upper hand in managing them to become useful to you and vice versa
Availability of nobleman star in Earthly Branch or luck/year pillar
Know where to find your nobleman, when will they appear to help in certain aspect of your life.  Aware you could be nobleman to others and contribute to their life. 
Dominant element  and 10 gods
Quantified your affinity to the 5 elements to determine which element type of industry you are suitable for.  Use 10 gods to determine you work function to have the highest return in wealth.
Know when is best time to do learning,  branding and prepare your self for  the next level in your career.
Wealth and output star, luck/year pillar
Element and position of wealth star and output star to determine what should you focus on to get your wealth.  Know when is your money making opportunity and when is the challenging time
Spouse relationship
Day branch and its content, luck/year pillar
Understand when you can meet the other half and when is your challenging time in relationship and what action can you take
Hour pillar and luck/year  cycle
To predict when you will have children and even the gender
Over flow of energy 5 element in chart,  strongest and weakest element
To know what is your weakest organ related to 5 elements, and approximate when you will have difficult time to be extra careful

Since the birth chart had given us a wealth of information about ourselves,  we should use these information to alleviate and enrich our life journey.  Knowing what is in store for us in different phase of our life journey will enable us to plan and execute appropriate action to maximize the rewards in life and minimize the risk in life. Definitely we will have an edge in this competitive world.  

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