Sunday 19 August 2018

Dao (道) Mountain Sage

One of the most important skills in Chinese metaphysics 5 arts (refer to my 1st article is the mountain sage, practice of the way (dao) with activation of the spiritual energy within us.  There are 2 aspects which are very important in the sage way,  positive energy  and a person morale values. 

Dr. David R. Hawkins, a widely known authority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality,  had stated that positive energy attract good things.  In one of his popular books “power vs force” he created a measurement for level of consciousness.  Level 0-200 is negative emotion energy such as shame, guilt, fear, grief, anger.  The breakthrough of level 200 is courage and follow more positive energy  such as willingness, acceptance, reason, love till enlightenment at level 700.  According to Dr Hawkins,  self healing starts at level 540 where our brain neurotransmitter will trigger build of more neurons which renew the cell.   The highest level is 1000 where you consciousness is oneness with totality energy of the universe.  Those had achieve high level of subconsciousness in meditation are more immune to the ever changing environmental energy of the four pillars, year, month, day and hour. Therefore it believed that meditation with self cultivation and manifestation are able to balance the 5 elements energy within our shelves without being subjected to the ever changing energy of the four pillars.

Dr Hawkins had jokingly stated everyone had a guardian angel which is actually aligned to  the ancient Chinese metaphysics knowledge, Qi Men Dun Jia spiritual aspect.  Human being can tap into subconscious mind to communicate to our guardian angel who would be able to grant our realistic wish.  With the right condition in heavenly timing and earth place/action the wish will manifest into man reality,  according to saying of be at the right place at the right time.  Our subconscious mind  actually communicated to the universe realm of guardian angel in a form of wave energy.  Since it is a wave form,  therefore the signal of the wave should be clear in alpha waves of subconscious meditative state.  There should not be any noise which disturb the signal such as worries about other things in full consciousness in beta wave and mixed up message.  With a clear signal,  or high signal over noise,  then the wish or command can reach to our guardian angel clearly to help in manifesting those thoughts into reality.  Therefore if we manifest for positive things, then positive things will happen. 

There was one notable case in reported in recent year where the crime rate in notorious east lake Oakland San Francisco fell by 82% after a resident install a Buddha statue almost a decade ago.  After a few years of installing the Buddha rupa,  residents start praying and make offering.  Residents  could have manifested for positive outcome during prayers which lead to results of a more safe neigborhood.  Link
Two ancient sages who is synonymous to Chinese Path , Dao, are Lao Tzu and Confucius.  Both sages had emphasize  on sage path require human holding to high morale values.  Moral values are standard define by right and wrong from authority and religion.  We must be mindful in upholding morale values that enable us to pursue a spiritual path which will create good karma for ourselves according to the law of cause of effect.  Cause and effect had manifested in the case of Barnaby Jack a prominent hacker.  He had the ability to withdraw money from any ATM and when he  was about reveal his invention on the control of pacemaker he died the night before under a mysterious circumstances.  It is very sad to see a very smart person without any morale value.

In this modern day, a lot people had focus on raising smart off spring with many secular skills instead of instilling high moral value to their future generation. This is why most of young people had become selfish and materialistic.  The sage way () was created to ensure a harmonious society as only through harmonious and peaceful society,  the spiritual practice at sage mode can take place.  Spiritual practice will lead to self cultivation  of wisdom and healing.  Then only we can contribute to greater good of man kind.

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