Saturday 11 April 2020

What is happening to the world in year 2020?

After the arrival of spring which mark the beginning of metal rat year (geng zi) 2020,  there had been pandemic of corona virus (Covid 19) which had impacted  vast majority of human population across the globe from east (Korea, Japan, Taiwan China) to west (Europe, US)  and north to south.  There had never been epidemic of this scale being recorded in the history.  The SARS virus outbreak  peak in 2003 were focus in east China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, south east Asia and Canada.   If we were to revisit modern history of mankind,  there were only 1 major event had impact mankind globally which was World War world war 2 where almost the entire population in the Pacific rim, US and Europe were affected.   Almost every year there is some region centric disaster such as major earthquake in Japan, China and Taiwan, nuclear disaster in Japan Fukushima and Russia Chernobyl and major  hurricane  in US. 

The global spread of this pandemic had been a subject intrigue to many  spiritual gurus, religion teacher,  astrologer and Chinese metaphysics master (popularly known as feng shui master) .  Over the past one month during MCO period I had received countless of sharing in several of my whatapps groups on prediction of  how 2020 is going to be a challenging for everyone.  I salute to all the master who had accurately predict the potential wide spread of disease be it Indian astrology or Chinese metaphysics or hybrid of both.  Indian astrology predicted the movement of several major planets  Jupiter, Mars and Saturn planet in alignment and presence north node where earth and moon orbit known Rahu, god of eclipse.  This is  an inauspicious energy which have negative impact to the earth.  In Chinese metaphysics,  the feng shui masters uses the arrival of spring () 4 pillars / 8 characters chart to predict quality of the year. 

You can refer to my earlier blog to understand more about 4 pillars (

This had prompt me to do some interpretation and reverse engineering based the 4 pillar chart below of this year  Li Chun time, day, month and year.  

Li Chun Metal Rat year 2020 
  1. In metal rat year, the energy of earth is strong per 4 pillar energy chart above. 
  2. Besides that water is present in abundance and  metal being the weak element.  In relationship of 5 elements (refer to my article )  earth control water. 
  3. With the presence of earth in abundance it will contaminate water, therefore water related industry such as transportation and tourism will suffer.  Water become stagnant and no movement.  When earth is contaminating water,  it also denote sickness as convid is spreading through saliva droplets saliva aka contaminated water by virus. 
  4. Lung is a metal organ which expose to the external energy  in year pillar represent social circle, it is easily attack by contaminated water through social contact.  Wide spread could be due most abundance  water and earth element (Ocean and land) which make up the earth, thus it has become global challenge
  5. Maybe those who had contacted the virus would have weak metal in bazi chart or in year pillar.

The next question would be when will this pandemic be over,
Many master predict that this pandemic will be over by Jun which is water horse month, the peak of summer.  From Chinese metaphysics aspect  there will be rat (water) and horse (fire element) clash,  therefore definitely there will be some changes.   Whether it will be good or bad changes,  I will leave it to the master to do the prediction.  

Disclaimer  : what I have presented here is based on my own interpretation base on my knowledge  in Chinese metaphysics

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