Monday 13 April 2020

Understand your home energy using feng shui for year 2020

Xuan kong flying star a study of feng shui or  chi flow in living space base the type of energy represent by number for each sector of the house,  total 9 sector North, south, east, west, NW, NE, SW and SE and center.   The energy flow will change by hour, day, month and year.  The biggest impact will year changes, with arrival of new spring Li chun every year the energy field represented by number of the 8 direction  will change to different energy. 
For those who do not know on how to determine the location in which area of the house you can
  1. Stand in centre of the house and check the compass pointing direction
  2. Check the 1st ray of the morning area ,  that should be east or where does the sun set,  that is the east area
  3. Once you know one sector direction you should be able to plot all the 9 grids for rest of direction sector per the illustration in this article

Different directional sector of the house and year 2020 flying star

Each sector will have a good or bad energy field depending on what flying star for that year which start li chun (usually on 4th feb).  We will want to activate the good energy field so that the energy/chi can flow in that area.  Most feng shui sifu will use either water or fire activation.  However for simplicity,  the best way to “activate” the chi flow of good star would use that sector more often and clean that sector more.  Do NOT put rubbish or dustbin on the good sector.
Refer to the table below on the what star number mean and what is the impact.  (+) denote auspicious star and (–) denote inauspicious star which you want to avoid.

 Please look out for my next article on which sector of the house you should use more to tap on a good environment chi.

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