Tuesday 12 May 2020

Second income through digitalentrepreneurship

Gone were the days where employment is for life.  We are in the challenging times and nobody is indispensable in corporate world.  Having read through a few financial/Chinese metaphysics guru book,  found that they all have similar advice
  1. Get rid of bad debts and have at least 6-8 months daily expense  savings
  2. Build a 2nd/nth income stream,  best income would be those which enable you to make money when you are asleep and earning multiple currency such leverage on social media 

In order to establish a second income stream,  you must  have the talent,  turn it into business idea follow by equipped your self with the right skill set.   A birth chart reading (refer to my article on bazi)  should be able give you direction on your talent and your value.

No matter what your passion are,  the most important skill would be making use of internet/social media to market your passion as building second stream income would involve selling.
From my personal experience I have design course and even wrote a book and my biggest challenge is market the product I created.  I come across this useful training, digital world summit,  to help us to understand the internet market place better and apply it as tool to achieve our goal.   Online platform also full fill criteria and making money while you are asleep
Digital world summit cover wide range of topic from turning passion into profit,  product launch, understand various social media,  online marketing place and strategy to become successful digitalentrepreneur.   The training is lead by Vince Tan a digital mastermind and his 16  international expert panel trainers  for 5 days. The price is affordable at USD46. 

You can click on digital summit training link to join the course

This training accessible through face book world wide.  To know more you can click on the above link

The first 88 reader who sign up using my affiliate link will get a consult from me base on your birth chart to understand

·        which type of investment (equity or property) will yield better profit base on your birth chart and
·        if this year, metal rat is suitable for you to invest . 

You can reach me through the contact form to claim this consult. 

This class is suitable for baby boomer who is about retire, retirees and anyone who want a second stream income or break free from 9 to 5 job. 
In this digital age marketing is very convenient if we know all the online platform well.  You can make your presence in the digital world to become digitalentrepreneur. 

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