Saturday 19 December 2020

Wish upon the Special Christmas star in year 2020

Hope that all my reader survived or even prosper in the year 2020 as it had been a very challenging year where everything is changing due to Covid-19.  Covid -19 is just a messenger of change send by the universe to let humanity know that the world will is entering into a new era. 

In an earlier article,  I have stated, eight trigrams, Pa Kua,  dictate the feng shui time of twenty years era.  We are currently in period eight, and we will transition into period nine by 2024. However, the change already starts to mark the beginning new era with women in power,  technology advancement and Covid-19 problem.  This transition is more intense compare to other period change in the past as the two biggest planet Jupiter and Saturn will meet each on 20-21  Dec 2020 which coincide with winter solstice in Chinese solar calendar.   This rare meeting only happened every 60 years and what it makes even more extraordinary this time,  is both huge giant gas is the nearest since 400 years ago.  It is a planetary kiss of both titans as termed by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.   This planetary kiss or also known as great conjunction or Christmas Star,  as both titan will overlap and appear as one bright star.  It was believed this event also created Star of Bethlehem during the birth of Jesus Chris. Maybe the Birth of Buddha also have this phenomenon which was not recorded, this would need some calculation.  Therefore could this occurrence bring the birth of another great teacher?  

Since both are a giant planet in the solar system,   the magnetic energy field is powerful and impact all the energy system of the earth and we, mankind, as well.  Several metaphysics guru also stated that it is also a time to make a wish.  Therefore would advise my readers to perform the following to tap on the energy of this rare incident. 

  1. Clear your mind by meditating on back east on Dec 20. 
  2. Manifest on where you want to be 20 years from now
  3. After manifest, sit down Plan your long term goal  starting from 20 Dec on all aspect of your life (health, wealth, relationship)
  4. The goal must be in the realm possibility with concrete action plans to achieve. 
  5. On Dec 21 around 8 pm face SW direction or the moon direction at that time,  look down on the horizon towards the right which is the Christmas star direction and make a wish for your goal to come true.

We want to absorb the transformation energy which will help us to evolve to  our better self through the change.  Our mindset will be strong to remove the obstacle and implement the action plan to achieve our goal.

Wish all my readers will have prosperous in the period 9 and may all your wish come true.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year 

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