Wednesday 15 April 2020

Which sector of the house you should use more when stay @ home

Since we will be staying at home for more than one month,  we will need to select the sector which impact us positively to spend time in for work or study.
The following sector are good sector to use in Feb 4 2020 onwards. Refer my earlier various attribute of different stars refer to this article Understand your home energy using feng shui for year 2020
  • Northwest -  with star 8 which have positive energy for wealth pursuit and career advancement
  • West  - with star  9 will be good to increase prosperity and future wealth star
  • North east -  with star 1 will increase nobleman and open up crown chakra for wisdom
  • Southwest – star 4 for literary art and study pursuit and peach blossom

Congratulations If your front door is in any of this sector above.  
Avoid spending time in the following sector.  The table below show some remedy to reduce the impact of the stars if it happen to be in important sector of the house such as main door.  

*Salt cure is using putting a lot of salt in container preferably round container and a little water which become a saturation salt solution.  You can put 6 coins and layer it with copper sheet.

My Own salt cure

For the month of Apr 4 to May 4,  do avoid the following sector as the monthly flying star is also inauspicious
  • North  - month star 2 which is sickness star  
  • SE -  month star 5 do not have any major activity in SE such as renovation or ground breaking, drill a hole on wall
Best sector for Apr 4 to May 4 would be West with yearly star 9 and monthly star 8.  Use more of this area. 
  • You can let your children play in this area.  Children has a lot of yang energy and when they are group they be as noisy as they can be.  Good activator the for the stars.
  • Use more of this area for study,  if you have air cond or fan in this area switch on more often.  Keep this area as bright as possible.

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