Thursday 16 April 2020

Condition yourself to good eating habit during Covid 19 hibernation

When go through the facebook group which I joined,  one of the immediate problem which most people has is ability to control weight during this covid 19 stay @ home time.  

This could be due to :-
  • During this period we have to stay at home  and we will more free time,  therefore there is a temptation we will snack more
  • There is more flexibility compare where we are working where we could stop for a meal every now and then. 
  • We can eat as we work more so than ever as there is nobody observing us.
  • The only retail place  that is open is food related which could be supermarket, market or bakery where there significant jump in their sales.  Retail chain with grocery had record increase in sales during Covid 19,  this mean people are buying a lot of food stuff.
  • Some people are taking this opportunity to upgrade their cooking skills. 

It does not matter whatever the reason is,  the result is most people  had been fatten up which is not a healthy sign.  There are good advices that was given on diet plan and different types of diet.  Executing all those diet plan require a strong mind and discipline. 

Therefore before we even start on those diet plan we should strengthen our mind to ensure we have the discipline and the will power to follow through.  This is hard work,  the good news is we can use the invisible energy of the universe to help us.  Every day there are elemental energy which is suited for some activities and I have include those date in Apr 2020 to alleviate my reader in the quest for more healthy body weight.  To know about day element energy you refer to my earlier article on this subject. 

Those who have knowledge on bazi can use 10 gods such as 7 killing or direct officer in their birth chart  to enhance own discipline.

The  following recommendation to  help in conquering the weight problem with specific date for certain activities. 

 The important ingredient to control body weight would be to control the urge to eat unnecessary,  hence mindset training which lead to discipline and strong will is the catalyst for successful dieting.

On positive note we are being blessed with abundance of food even during the crisis event. Hopefully we do not become David younger brother Covid. 

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