Tuesday 23 June 2020

Apply ancient art of forecasting to current affair – Zoom Security

Since the dawn of civilization, the human being had been fascinated with the ability to predict future events such as natural disasters,  the unknown and seasonal changes and weather.   This is because most of the human socio-economics activities which were critical for the survival of civilization such as farming, gathering, fishing, hunting and managing water reserves very much depend on seasons in the ancient world.   There had been many ancient studies which are related to the art of forecasting and divination in different civilizations normally sanctioned by the ruler of those ancient kingdoms.    The rulers already realized their kingdom will flourish if they were able to understand the pattern of nature and predict the future base on the trend to carry out certain socio-economic activities. Therefore those who study the art of “mystic” to foretold future were given a high status in the imperial court.

Most of those practices were based on astrology, a study of the sky planetary movement and star pattern to determine its impact on various aspect of human civilization collectively or the fate of human individually.

Divination is one of the 5 areas in Chinese metaphysics and there are multiple ways such as I Ching, Qi Men Dun Jia,  Bazi is used to predict future.  In recent years,  Qi Men Dun Jia had gain popularity as a divination method with the accessibility of Qi Men chart using technology.  Qi Men chart is an energy chart of the universe where it changes 2 hourly, daily, monthly and yearly. For divination purpose, the hour chart is used where 2 hours is represented by one animal sign (refer to my earlier blog).  It is the energy chart of the moment at 8 direction palace (S, N, E, W, SW, NW, SE, NE) The chart has 9 square (8 direction + centre).  There are Universe guardian, heaven star, earth door with 2 man stems each representing different aspect of life.  There a total of 540 combinations with yin and yang configuration,  total 1080 charts.  In ancient days you must know which chart represent which moment which could be a daunting task.  Plotting chart is one part made easy with computer and the second part is to interpret the chart which no artificial intelligence can replace this portion.

Since the stay @ home and work from the home policy being enforced,  online apps had become an important part of our life.  Every house computer had been dominated by at least one or two types of collaboration software for online meeting/tuition/learning and video/audio conferencing.  I did not realize there are so many types of the platform available in the market.   One of the most popular software is Zoom which I find it to be user friendly.

Besides  COVID topic,  Zoom security issue was another hot topic at that time.
The next question is does Zoom has a security issue?  So I intend to use a forecasting technique, Qi Men Dun Jia  which I had learned to find out the answer.  Please lookout for my next article to find out the answer.

I received the above message from one of my whatapps group at 7 Apr 2020 time 23:20.  Therefore I cast a Qi Men chart using that time when I received this message and start to analyse the chart. 

Day representing Zoom current status where there is geng stem means there is a problem (security issue) and fear door where news had cause everyone to be afraid of using this platform.

However, the chart is stem fu yin means authority is still the same where it will still be popular.  Hour (outcome) palace which is Wu stem with nine earth as universe guardian means this company have strong financial back up from property tycoon which can solve the problem.    This means that zoom will maintain its position as one of the most popular collaboration online apps and security feature had been improved.  Nine earth also means security. 

Sometimes in life, we could be lost in how to make the decision and it very helpful to use some of the ancient forecasting methods.

Disclaimer  This article is base only author own study and prediction and does NOT represent any party or organization. 

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