Thursday 3 January 2019

Special dates in 2019

Every moment in the earth time dimension is govern by cosmic and element energy in a calendar day which can be transform into 4 pillar elemental energy and layer by the  universe stars movement direction. Refer to my article (   There are 365 days and each day has twelve 2 hourly energy pattern  which means there are about  4380 energy patterns in a year.     Out of the 4380 energy patterns in a year  there are certain  energy combination from year, month, day and hour is auspicious to carry out certain activities such as academic pursuits, wealth activation, wish full filling, health and healing or even relationship.     Most the Chinese metaphysics masters of high calibre would be able to select the most suitable date to carry out certain activities in a year and the date are normally given during their annual talk on the outlook of the arrival of new springs,  in 2019 it is earth pig year).  I was very blessed to have the opportunity to attend a few talks which the master had share good dates to implement certain activities and in turn I am sharing this wonderful information with my readers. 
These are special dates selected base on their suitability for following activities :-  

1. Academic pursuits
2. Health manifestation/healing activities
3. Relationship 
4. Problem solving
5. Wish full filling day
6. Heavenly pardon day

Please click on the link below to download all auspicious date and may you tap into the invincible energy of the universe to enhance your success in year 2019.

Special energy date 2019

Good dates to resume work after Chinese New Year break for new begining

CNY day
Clash animal sign
6 Feb 2019 (Wed)
6:30 am
2nd day
8 Feb 2019 (Fri)
9:30 am
4th day
10 Feb 2019 (Sun)
6:30 am
6th day
11 Feb 2019 (mon)
11:30 am
7th day
12 Feb 2019 (tue)
9:30 am
8th day
14 Feb 2019 (Thu)
6:30 am
10th day

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