Sunday 19 August 2018

Dao (道) Mountain Sage

One of the most important skills in Chinese metaphysics 5 arts (refer to my 1st article is the mountain sage, practice of the way (dao) with activation of the spiritual energy within us.  There are 2 aspects which are very important in the sage way,  positive energy  and a person morale values. 

Dr. David R. Hawkins, a widely known authority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality,  had stated that positive energy attract good things.  In one of his popular books “power vs force” he created a measurement for level of consciousness.  Level 0-200 is negative emotion energy such as shame, guilt, fear, grief, anger.  The breakthrough of level 200 is courage and follow more positive energy  such as willingness, acceptance, reason, love till enlightenment at level 700.  According to Dr Hawkins,  self healing starts at level 540 where our brain neurotransmitter will trigger build of more neurons which renew the cell.   The highest level is 1000 where you consciousness is oneness with totality energy of the universe.  Those had achieve high level of subconsciousness in meditation are more immune to the ever changing environmental energy of the four pillars, year, month, day and hour. Therefore it believed that meditation with self cultivation and manifestation are able to balance the 5 elements energy within our shelves without being subjected to the ever changing energy of the four pillars.

Dr Hawkins had jokingly stated everyone had a guardian angel which is actually aligned to  the ancient Chinese metaphysics knowledge, Qi Men Dun Jia spiritual aspect.  Human being can tap into subconscious mind to communicate to our guardian angel who would be able to grant our realistic wish.  With the right condition in heavenly timing and earth place/action the wish will manifest into man reality,  according to saying of be at the right place at the right time.  Our subconscious mind  actually communicated to the universe realm of guardian angel in a form of wave energy.  Since it is a wave form,  therefore the signal of the wave should be clear in alpha waves of subconscious meditative state.  There should not be any noise which disturb the signal such as worries about other things in full consciousness in beta wave and mixed up message.  With a clear signal,  or high signal over noise,  then the wish or command can reach to our guardian angel clearly to help in manifesting those thoughts into reality.  Therefore if we manifest for positive things, then positive things will happen. 

There was one notable case in reported in recent year where the crime rate in notorious east lake Oakland San Francisco fell by 82% after a resident install a Buddha statue almost a decade ago.  After a few years of installing the Buddha rupa,  residents start praying and make offering.  Residents  could have manifested for positive outcome during prayers which lead to results of a more safe neigborhood.  Link
Two ancient sages who is synonymous to Chinese Path , Dao, are Lao Tzu and Confucius.  Both sages had emphasize  on sage path require human holding to high morale values.  Moral values are standard define by right and wrong from authority and religion.  We must be mindful in upholding morale values that enable us to pursue a spiritual path which will create good karma for ourselves according to the law of cause of effect.  Cause and effect had manifested in the case of Barnaby Jack a prominent hacker.  He had the ability to withdraw money from any ATM and when he  was about reveal his invention on the control of pacemaker he died the night before under a mysterious circumstances.  It is very sad to see a very smart person without any morale value.

In this modern day, a lot people had focus on raising smart off spring with many secular skills instead of instilling high moral value to their future generation. This is why most of young people had become selfish and materialistic.  The sage way () was created to ensure a harmonious society as only through harmonious and peaceful society,  the spiritual practice at sage mode can take place.  Spiritual practice will lead to self cultivation  of wisdom and healing.  Then only we can contribute to greater good of man kind.

Friday 3 August 2018

Health is Wealth – Lifestyle base on the movement of the sun day and night

Human body is largely run by about 1000 biological rhythms  as quoted by Andreas Moritz, a popular health book author, in his book “Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation”.
It is very important that we follow a life style base on the routine of sun in  day and night where we awake in the morning and sleep at night.  The most important biological rhythm is the production of two neurotransmitter by our body, melatonin at night – Ying , serotonin at day light - Yang.  Melatonin is a sleep inducing hormone which response to darkness,  serotonin is happiness producing brain hormone which response to natural sunlight.   The secretion of both neurotransmitter follow a 24 hour clock.  This hormone is secreted directly into blood stream to let all body cells know “what time it is” in relation of the earth position to the sun.  Melatonin is the lowest at about noon time and peak at ox hour 1-3 am.
Another neurotransmitter which is pivotal to our well being, serotonin increases with daylight and physical activities.  This neurotransmitter influence our day and night rhythms, our emotional state (depression, memory, impulsiveness) & appetite.  The amount of both transmitter will signal our body cell whether it is day or night and regulate the cell activities. 
Beside the main cycle of melatonin and serotonin,  some of biological activities which also follow a cyclic pattern of 24 hours are :
  1. Large bowel movement is most active in early morning
  2. Liver is more active at night to cleanse our blood
  3. Bone marrow produce blood cells at night when we are sleeping
  4. Most digestive enzymes are produce during day time,  thus we must have our decent meal during daytime
  5. Bile production peak at midday,  therefore it is good to have a bigger meal during the lunch.

 It is very important we follow the sun cycle to allow a natural synchronization of our body activity according to the sun routine.  Chinese had divided a day into 12 animal sign with 2 hour for each animal sign.   I am not sure if mere coincident that the wise person in the past label the animal according to the activity such as pig hour is 9 to 11 pm which is for sleeping and we associated pig is an animal likes to sleep.  Tiger hour is 3-5 am and most retreat camp require the participant to wake up before 5 am and be active like a tiger.  Then horse hour is noon time 11 am to 1 pm, which means eat like a horse for lunch.

Biological activities according to 24 hour clock

If we follow a good lifestyle benchmark against the position of the sun in relation to the earth and a healthy diet consist of more natural food with less sugar and salt  we should be able to maintain our health well. Before we upgrade ourselves to a better life we must have a balance healthy life style with good energy flow.  This is the reason why well being is an important in Chinese 5 arts.

Unfortunately the younger generation has reverse the cycle and thus there had been more and more mental and health related issues esp in the urban area. 

Tips to keep you healthy
  1. Drink a glass of warm water immediately wake up in the morning will help to flush out toxins
  2. Drink natural honey water with lemon juice in the morning before breakfast will also help to remove toxins
  3. To prevent cough drink water infuse with pudina leaves.  If your throat is itchy or having whooping cough you can chew raw mint leaves.  There are 2 types leaves which I use per photo below.
  4. If there is running nose due to flu,  grate lemon skin and add in very hot or boiling water and inhale the steam infuse with lemon smell.  It will help to clear your nose if you do it once or twice or even more often. This remedy had also help to alleviate children running nose problem. 
  5. Use coconut oil for cooking.

2 types of mint leaves, the top is more effective against cough which can be grow easily in tropical climate

Drinking Water with mint leaves 

Sunday 22 July 2018

Health is Wealth – We are what we eat

In Chinese Metaphysics or the Chinese 5 Arts, one of the most important subjects is health, wellbeing, and healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), known as "Yi" in Chinese.

TCM and Ayurveda, two of the oldest records related to human health, suggest that human beings are born with the ability to self-heal and balance their energy or "qi." However, certain lifestyle choices, activities, or diets can disrupt this balance and lead to health problems. TCM offers various healing methods, such as acupuncture and herbs, to restore balance and harmony to the body's energy systems.

TCM is based on the fundamental principles of Chinese metaphysics, namely yin and yang with the five elements representing both polarities. TCM categorizes various body organs into five elements with yin and yang polarity. During a person's birth, they have already absorbed energy from the moment of birth, including the year, month, day, and hour elements, making these energies building blocks for the body. Some people may have weaker organs due to a lack of a specific element at the time of birth or due to clashes between elements in their birth chart. A Bazi consultant can help decode the birth chart and suggest enhancements through "man luck." Please refer to my earlier article on birth chart and elemental energy for more information. (Birth chart ; 4 pillars

Ying Organ
Yang Organ
Interesting facts
Gall Bladder
A person with good quality wood element will have a good vitality as liver associated to wood.  Liver purified blood that bring nutrients to the rest of body.
Liver detox is essential in maintaining
Heart, pericardium
Small intestine, triple burner
When there is fire water clash in the birth chart and environment energy, high chance of heart attack
It is advisable to drink warm water or exercise to get heat to strengthen digestive system.  Fire strengthen earth
Large intestine
A body defense system depend very much on strength of lungs and colon. Lung can be nourish through breathing of good quality air. 
Drink a lot of water to flush out the toxin in the kidney

Chinese metaphysics studies energy patterns within ourselves and the environment. Human energy derives from the food we eat, and in order to stay healthy, we must maintain a balanced diet, which has become a universal mantra. A balanced diet in TCM means balancing yin and yang and the five elements. TCM practitioners divide food into yin (cooling food) and yang (warming food) categories based on the taste and color of the food, followed by the five-element category.  

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Ying Cooling food examples
Yang warming food examples
Vegetables, fruits, fish,  honey, watermelons
Black pepper, cherry , chives, spices, dates, garlic, ginger, lamb

Food example
Oats, wheat, green vegetable, avocado, grape, lemon, lime
Amaranth, corn, red bell pepper, tomato, beet, cherry, persimmon
Millet, barley, peas, cabbage, carrot, spinach, fig, orange, papaya
Rice, almonds, asparagus, broccoli, celery, apricot, banana, pear
Buckwheat, walnut, Kale, mushroom, seaweed, water chestnut

Since our energy derives from the food we eat, it is advisable to consume food as close as possible to its natural form, fresh and direct from the source. The existence of the Homo sapiens species dates back more than 30,000 years, and while we have evolved in several ways, our body biochemistry has not changed that much. Our body enzymes are designed to break down natural food into energy packets that our body cells can easily absorb. Unfortunately, processed food has become popular over the years for its convenience and taste, but it has "contaminated" our eating habits. Processed food goes through a long supply chain, and each transformation step alters the natural chemical and energy structure of the food cell. Our body cannot recognize the modified chemical structure and therefore cannot metabolize the food properly, leading to toxins.

Natural Food chain which consist of 3-5 chain before comsumption
Processed food chain which could consist of 10 or even more chains

Processed foods can be a significant source of harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc on our health. It's true that we are what we eat, so consuming too much junk food can have a devastating impact on our well-being. When processed foods contain excessive amounts of salt, sugar, or other chemicals, they can negatively affect our body and brain chemistry. These unhealthy chemicals turn into toxins that can cause our cells to mutate and cloud our mental clarity. Countless studies have shown that healthy people tend to eat natural foods in moderation. Overindulging in food can overwork our digestive system and lead to imbalances that hinder our physical and mental performance. When our energy is focused on digesting food, we may find it challenging to think with clarity and make wise decisions. Therefore, it's important to remember that a healthy body and mind are essential for success in all aspects of life.

Saturday 30 June 2018

Application of birth chart analysis to manage your children

Many parents had shared with me the great challenges that they had in bringing up their millennials or post millennials (born 1990 onwards) children.  They have difficulties in managing their behavior and guiding them to the path which enable them to find purpose and propel them to the next level in their life.  Worst still, most of the millennials do not even what they want to achieve in life or realize what is their ambition and their parent are equally as lost.
Considering that the world is very much online than it was 30 years ago, the millennials had been exposed to various environmental influences from the social media and games which could have program their neurons in brain to be connected in different ways then the generation before.  With so much distraction from the environment, it could cloud the young minds and create a bigger generation gap compare to previous few generations.  Generations gap will cause miscommunication and with confuse mind, it become an obstacle for parent in the upbringing of the children. 

All is not lost as the influence of external environment cannot never overtake the imprint of the character through energy absorb from the time of birth.  This means parent will be able to understand their offspring character better if they can get help to decode all elemental energy through date and time of birth or known as bazi. 

There are 5 elements according to Chinese metaphysics wood, fire, earth, metal and water with ying and yang orientation, therefore there are 10 day stem.  The day stem will become our self-element depending which day stem we are born.  If a person born in yang wood day, then the self-element, day master is yang wood/jia (refer my previous article  However, a person mode of operation is largely governed not by the day master, but by dominant element/s in birth chart and how it interacts with self-element through cyclic relationship. 
5 elements relationship  produce/weaken/control cycle

Since there are 5 elements with its relationship to the self-element, generally there are 5 groups people.   The 5 groups are per table below:-

5 elements cyclic relationship
How to nurture them
Suggested type of work
Resource type Dominant element which feed the self, receive support and nutrition to produce self

Can learn and gain knowledge, analyze data. Intellectual 
Slow and lazy, as they have access to resource which create them
Find good teacher, teach them be more action oriented, follow up on them with proper schedule
Scientist, researcher, data analyst, actuaries, statistician
Buddy type Dominant element which same as self, become team to self
Team player, can network and connect with another person
Can influence by bad friends, disorganize, competitive, selfish
Team sports, be friend to them, encourage cooperation, learn by team activity, enhance communication
Sales and marketing, public relation, lobbyist
Constraint type Dominant element clash into self-element, self element being controlled
Follow direction, helpful, anti-conflict, nice person
Put a stop to own growth, become door mat
Give them clear direction and goal, clear cause and reasons, make them feel important, nurture their courage to go fore
Create system and procedure, systematic work
Output type
Self-produce dominant element, need to create self
Creative, lots of idea, expressive
Moody like artist, unrealistic, loner
Give them space to explore their ideas, learn by experience, cultivate their presentation skills
Artist, performer, creative field
Possessive (wealth) type
Self- element control the dominant element
Can make decision, take action, risk taker
Cunning, arrogant, bully, stingy
Encourage them to be leader, have a lot of goal to keep them busy, cultivate leadership skill and generosity
Manager, leader, business owner

Some people could have two to three dominant element and they become more complex esp. those with opposing dominant element such as output and constraint group.  Output element is those who are disorganize and very creative which is the opposite of constraint group who is systematic and follow rules.  An expert bazi consultant would be able to find the dominant element in the chart and reveal how the day master interact with dominant element. This  information to manage your children and guide to the path of maximum return for them in all aspects of their life such as career, wealth, relationship, etc.  This will enable you to understand them and their potential better through their elemental energy pattern in their birth chart.  It will also result in better communication and relationship when you start to speak their language which resonant with their life energy. 

Self cleansing on a Remove day

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