Thursday 7 June 2018

Destiny analysis based on birth energy map of 4 pillars (bazi) - Part 2

Different aspects of life dictate by different elements in birth chart

Each element and the 4 pillars manage a different aspects in life such as relationship, discipline/authority, wealth/career, friends, resources/input and output/creation in relation to the self element. 

 Different aspect of life govern by the 4 pillar birth chart 

Generally it is more desirable to have all 5 elements exist in good harmony balance in the chart and the  chart’s owner would  have a good healthy life and balance mental state.  However there are exception for special charts which normally found in famous or wealthy personality such as Nelson Mandela or Donald Trump  where there are only 3 to 4 elements present.

Below are a summary of the role of each element in relation to the self element.  There are many articles written by other masters in detail.   The 5 elements in ying and yang polarity in the chart is also known as 10 gods or 10 stars.  The ten gods will also dictate a person’s traits and attitude. 

Self element

Self control
Self produce out
same strengthen each other
Controlled self
Nurutured   self
children/subordinates/ aspiration/ work, creation, presentation
Friends/partnership, siblings, rival or competitor
Will power, thoughts, self esteem
Husband, power and authority, charisma, nobility
Mother, thinking, knowledge, 6 th sense

Prominent energy in baizi chart

Earthly branch animal signs actually have hidden elements  per table below.  The month pillar is the most prominent energy which regulate the whole time chart as the position of the earth in relation to the planets govern the seasons.  It means if you are born in winter,  probably the fire is the chart which appear in other location of the chart will not be as strong or good quality as sun is weak in winter.  Take our example about on the baby boy,  he is born in summer, therefore the fire element will be strong compare to the water element.  This mean his aptitude would be towards fire  and he should choose a career related to fire such as technology, computer or entertainment industry.   Needless to say if a person had dominant earth element in his birth chart,  then it would be advantageous  if he undertake a career related to property industry.  The earlier you are aware of your ability, the better, as it will help to prepare for a future career.

Interaction of elements in the birth chart

Birth chart analysis is actually quite complex as there are interactions between the element in heavenly stem and animal signs in the earthly branch.  The interaction could be  perceived as good or bad to the self element  depending on the 5 element energy flow in the chart.

Potential impact
Heavenly stem
Could be positive or negative depend on chart situation, gain something
Self could feel pain of clash,  however sometimes can be good if unwanted items is removed. Lost something
Earthly branch
3 harmony
Pleasant  if chart need the combo or could be nuisance as can be complex
6 combo
Normally is good, gain something
Could be positive or negative depend on chart situation,  loss something
Sneaky emotional problem happen when least expected
Punishment various type
Mostly negative  impact  feel self being punish or self could punish others
Force into unwanted situation

From the above table,  there are more interactions in the earthly branch than the heavenly stem.  Some masters had stated that an interaction in the earthly branch could have more impact to self.

There are more formations which potentially could have a negative impact to the chart’s owner,  therefore it is challenging to be born as a human. 

Awakening the elemental interaction in birth chart

The intention of  sharing the interactions in the birth chart should not scare anyone but rather it is for you to understand that there are relationships between elements  in the chart which could impact you.   Although some of the interactions could be present in the chart,  however it will need an external condition to activate the relationship such as a clash or combo.  When such condition are activated,  there could be some life changing event which will happen to you.  Therefore it is in the best interest for us to know  the timing of the possibility of  an event happening in our life which can be decoded from a person’s birth chart.   The ability to forecast an event will enable us to prepare for the event  such as it is predicted person A could have a work promotion in next 4 years,  therefore person A should prepare for this promotion by taking up management courses to secure the position.  Remember the world is very competitive nowadays and the person who is best prepared always to win the battle.

Main external condition interaction with our birth chart and lead to certain events which impact our life are :-

  1. Own luck cycle  -  each of us has a unique 10 year luck cycle with have different energy pattern that interact with our birth chart.  If you observed your love ones or friends or neighbor you will realize at certain a person will change over time in term health, wealth, relationship or personality.  This could be due luck cycle effect
  2. Yearly luck -  Our chart will also interact with yearly energy pattern such as in 2018 is earth dog year where the earth will impact our chart 

Revealing the secret in the birth chart

Bazi four pillar chart  contain the vital information about your destiny in almost all aspects of your life.  You can use it to understand yourself, your spouse and your children better.  It also contain potential future event which will happen at certain time depending on the external energy.  Therefore it is good we can unlock all secrets obtained in birth charts and use it to improve our lives.   It is vital to invest in a good chart reading at least once in a lifetime to understand your self element and how you interact with the elements in the birth chart.  You can also invest in expensive courses to DIY the reading of your chart.  The reading of the chart will give you a perspective of your life’s journey even though it will never be 100% accuracy.  I would think there are no master in the world can read a chart to 100% accuracy.  Almost all the 100% accuracy analysis done by great masters were based on reverse engineering reading to map past event with the chart.

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Destiny analysis based on birth energy map of 4 pillars (bazi) Part 1

From the last article,  we have learned about how to transform a Gregorian date to a 4 pillar 8 character chart which could contain all 5 elements or a few of the elements.  There are twelve baizi charts in a day due to the 12 animal signs pairing with heavenly stems which will change every 2 hours.  For example for the date  10 Apr 2018 starting from 12 am rat hour and will end on 10 Apr 2018 11:59 pm  rat(zi)  hour.

10 Apr 2018 2 hourly element energy chart, 12 charts  per day,  Edmund energy chart is with red edge

If there is baby boy name Edmund born on 10 Apr 2018 at 9:45 am, this means his birth chart is the one with red edge. 

The moment he is born he has already absorbed the elemental energy from his first cry and the energy of that hour will be programed into his whole existence of body and mind.  The time energy from year, month, and day and hour pillar will impact his life’s journey which cannot be change.  This is also known as the heaven luck (refer to my article The 4 planes which governs human destiny)

Refer to this youtube video for more explanation 

10 self-elements

We already know that there are 5 universal energies wood, fire, earth, metal and water and each of the element energy has a ying and yang polarity.  The day stem of the birth denotes our self-element and 10 types of self elements.

Zooming into Edmund’s chart,  the day heavenly stem Ren water is his self-element,  which mean he will show the base* traits of Ren water equivalent to sea or vast river which is free flowing and temperamental like the sea.  Self-element is also known as the day master.  

10 self elements derived from 5 elements in Yin and Yang polarity

* - as birth chart is govern by  a few or all 5 element energies,  sometimes self element of water person might not show obvious traits of self element  due to interaction among elements. Example is water self element person has too much earth energy in the chart,  earth control water,  chances this person will not be so flexible or free flowing as water.
Edmund self element is Ren water as he is born in ren water energy day

Strength of self-element

Most master would start to understand an individual by classifying  the strength of the self element in the day stem.
Generally self-element is strengthened by :-

  1. supported by same element in the branch rooting,
  2. Supported by same element in the next pillar
  3. born in the month of same element 
  4. there is resource element which can easily create him
  5. Chart interaction which transform to element which can support self-element

A moderate strength self-element which is in balance with all the 5 elements’ strength in the birth chart is preferred.  Each element governs a life’s aspects such as wealth, resource learning, self-discipline, output creation and friends in our life in relation to the day master element.  If self has too much resource learning in his destiny, chances are the person would be spoon fed all his life and tend to be lazy.    We shall learn more about all the element role in relation to day master in the consecutive article.

Another example is,  if the day master is earth and has too much earth in the chart and there are no other element to control the earth, then the person could be very slow as earth is almost non moving!

The five elements must exist in harmony and balanced relationship in the chart for a person to have a healthy life.  One of the way to exist in harmony with each element would be for the element to produce the other element in the pillar next to each other.  With smooth transition of energy, the owner of the chart would have a good qi and healthy.

Tuesday 5 June 2018

The time and direction dimension in Chinese Metaphysics Part 2 - 4 Seasons

The 4 seasons are regulated by the earthly branch animal signs and in each season there are 3 months :- 

Chinese time are presented in  4 pillars,  year, month, day and hour format with each pillar consisting  of one heavenly steam and one earthly branch element and animal sign.   For example if the date is 09 Apr 2018 time 12:30 pm,   it is shown as below in Chinese calendar.   

This is also known as 8 characters (bazi- 八字) in 8 white box.  As each individual is born at specific year, month, day and hour, therefore there will also be a bazi of the person’s birth day and time which is used in destiny analysis.  I shall discuss more about destiny reading using bazi in future articles.
There are 60 possible combinations of the 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches as each earthly branch will either pair with 5 yang and 5 ying polarity of each element known as sixty pillar Jia Zi.  One pillar  represent one year. 
This mean that it takes 60 years  to complete all 60 pairings which correspond to Earth, Jupiter and Saturn to reach the same relative alignment around the sun in about 60 years.  In order to know what Bazi of each Chinese hour are, we must use the 10000 year Hsia calendar to check the heavenly stem and earthly branch of the year, month, day and hour.

Based on the study of the stars’ movements, the Chinese astrologers are able to plot an energy map of the movement with specific direction.  Therefore the direction is another important component in determining qi flow which can be used in divination and execution of certain events.  .  Before the invention of compass, the Chinese could have used the circumpolar big dipper’s handle direction as a compass.  The compass was invented during the Han dynasty between 200-300 BC with the purpose of tapping into the directional energy to apply to feng shui or divination techniques. 

Time and space are two most important component s in Chinese metaphysics for various usage,  i.e. destiny analysis, divination/forecasting, feng shui etc.  In certain applications such as destiny reading we can use the time energy map or bazi of the subject’s birth hour, in divination we might need to use both time and direction.  There are many softwares available nowadays to help us plot the energy codes, however without any decoding from a master,  all the codes will remain a mystery.  

Ancient Chinese compass with a purpose of finding direction for best chi rather than navigation purpose

As the bazi four pillars represent an energy map of the time, the element energy will also dictate the climate of the day.  If the four pillars have too much fire element or water element,  then the climate could be very hot and dry!!!  

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