The Quest of My Life

Having sailed through more than half a century of my life, I had learned that part of life’s fulfillment is to be able to create and achieve our goals and have a balance in all aspects of life such as career, wealth, relationship, family and health. Attaining life’s goal and finding a balance between all areas of life have always been a challenge. Life is not always smooth sailing, as we could have winds which go against us at times and throwing us out of balance and prevent us from reaching our destination. Our state of mind and the environment which is a form of energy, keeps changing which can impact our life’s balance.

In my quest to reach a more consistent state of equilibrium, I have discovered an ancient knowledge originated from China, based on the cosmic 5 element energy (Qi) (also known as Chinese Metaphysics) which has helped me to understand my talent and use my talent to the fullest potential thus enabling better planning for attaining my life’s goal through forecasting and give me a balance in all aspects of my life through my actions. The 5 elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water (木, 火, 土, 金, 水).

Hence, I have started this website to share this knowledge and its applications. I hope my website’s visitors will enjoy reading my articles on the origins of Chinese Metaphysics, the 5 elements and its relation to the planets and star patterns and how it interacts with our life’s energy to impact us.    

I would appreciate my readers to give me the opportunity to offer my services, by using this technique to help you to discover your life potentials and thus be able to create realistic goals which align with you and achieve a balanced state in the 5 elements “qi” towards a happy and fulfilled life. Chinese Metaphysics can be applied to solving problems and decision making related to work, relationship and wealth investments. 

Please refer to the Consultation in Destiny/Divination page for more details.

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