Tuesday 22 May 2018

One plus One Equals to Two - Chinese Philosophy Tao Solitary infinity to Binary of Balancing Yin and Yang

Ancient Chinese text stated that the universe starts with void emptiness  with infinity forms and shapes which slowly turn into 2 cosmic forces opposing polarity of ying and yang.  The binary  force is represented by  the symbol, known as  Taoism Taiji (太極圖). It could be one of the most recognized symbol in Chinese culture which also forms the core value of Chinese philosophy. 
Many literature have  cited the originator of this symbol is Lao Tzu,(4-5th century)  believed to be a sage  who emphasized on living in harmony with nature through the “Way”, Tao (道). 
Tao focus on spiritual development to find the path of liberation from physical form  to become part of the universe.  The highest form of Tao is emptiness of oneness.  From oneness arises  two polarity binary code of heaven and earth.  Human and nature should be in unity with heaven and earth with minimal intervention to achieve a balanced state.  Heaven and earth is represent by yin (black) and yang (white), taiji symbol with accordance to the binary code of positive and negative polarity in the  law of nature.
Binary code in Chinese Metaphysics
Examples of Ying  and Yang Binary code

There is no distinct straight  line to separate both Ying (black) and Yang (white) as both cosmic forces are dynamic flowing from one to another as represented by the swirling line.  In the yang white portion there is one dot of ying and vice versa for the ying black portion.  Therefore there is no true perfection in the law of the universal tao.  Both ying and yang does not represent absolute good and bad as the ideal state would be that both forces are equal and balanced to achieve harmony between heaven, man and earth.

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