Friday 25 May 2018

The 4 planes which governs human destiny

There is a famous Chinese saying that a man’s fortune is governed by 3 planes as depicted by the trigram per below (refer to my previous blog on how trigram is derived).

First is heaven luck - what is already programmed into you based on your birth time which determine your life’s path

Second is Man luck - we can use our intelligence and mind power to take actions which will complement our destiny heaven luck.

Third is earth luck - we can still choose to enhance our default settings by harnessing the environment qi/energy using Feng Shui

Most master said that each will contribute to about 33% of your destiny.  Although we have the default program already set in us at our birth hour, day, month and year, we can still enhance our fortune by activating the environment energy and use our will power and intelligence to achieve the best outcome.  
There is the 4th plane beyond the heaven, earth and man that we can tap on to create a better future and not many Chinese metaphysics master knows about this dimension.  I was introduced to the 4th dimension about 5 years ago by the famous Dato Joey Yap which is the universe.

It is believed that the highest form of Chinese metaphysics practice is the ability to tap into the powerful divine energy (also known as deity) from the universe.  The universe’s divine energy is based on 7 star paths (big dipper castellation) to the brightest star which is the north Polaris star.  Three oracles systems  -  Qi Men Dun Jian, Da Liu Ren and tai yen Shen Shu are used to tap into the divine universe energy. 

Most powerful energy from deity connection through mind
spiritual practice /Divination 3 oracle system
Energy base on Time of birth
Life Destiny Baizi, purple star astrology
Environmental energy
Feng shui
Energy base on intelligence, will power and mind
Man Virtue, learning

Tapping into the universe energy could be as simple as manifesting to the great power of the universe for a realistic wish to come true. It can also be as complicated as divination of potential outcome in relationship to complicate energy map of the movement of stars in time and space.   I was taught by a few great masters on how to tap into the universe’s power and I have also shared with many of people on simple ways to tap into the power of the universe to make realistic wish come true.  In order to connect to the universe our mind must be in calm condition to state our wish.  The wishes must be realistic and within a person’s destiny capacity.  For those who have already learned meditation, they should have a calm subconscious mind to connect to the universe faster.   The universe also deals with spiritual aspect therefore it would become even more prevalent in next period nine.  Some masters could already have the knowledge of the universe dimension, however it is not very prominent until lately.  Perhaps it is the fire energy from upcoming period nine which have led to popularity of spiritual development related to the universe.
We should be grateful to be born as man where we can activate 3 out of the 4 dimensions  man, earth and universe to complement with our heaven luck birth time in order to create a harmonize life.  Therefore it is very important for everyone to invest in a good birth chart analysis to be followed by harmonize activation of Universe, man, earth.

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