Tuesday 22 May 2018

Essential skills of Chinese Metaphysics (中华玄学)

In recent years,  Chinese metaphysics which is related to destiny analysis, feng shui  and forecasting have spread across the world like wild fire, thanks to a few entrepreneur  feng shui/Chinese Metaphysics masters such as Lillian Too,  Dato Joey Yap, Jerry King etc.  These masters have managed to educate  mass layman on the knowledge of  Chinese Metaphysics  through their books,  courses and social media which otherwise used to be “trade secrets” to a few very established feng shui masters working  exclusively for prominent tycoons.

There had been many controversial debates on Chinese metaphysics practices such as feng shui, destiny analysis based on 4 pillars etc whether it is a real deal or some kind of scam.  Some masters have debate if Chinese Metaphysics is the correct word to use in representing destiny analysis, feng shui, divination!   I have started this blog to embark on a journey with my reader to understand more about Chinese Metaphysics and if there is any scientific phenomenon which can substantiate some of the Chinese metaphysics practices.   I would like to start by exploring  a bit of history and core value on this knowledge which also form the Chinese philosophy and culture.

It was believed that the Yellow Emperor who was  the initiator  of the Chinese civilization at about 2500BC and the practice of Chinese Metaphysics could have started in parallel with Chinese civilization.  The Yellow Emperor had already engaged astronomers in his court to study the movement of the planets and stars and its relation to seasons, weather and dimension of time which is important in the practice of Chinese metaphysics.  The study is compiled in a book of alamac where it is used a guide for farming activities which rely heavily on seasons in the ancient world.  Book of Alamac had evolved over centuries to become a very important tool in Chinese Metaphysics.  Chinese Metaphysics rely heavily on astronomical studies involving  movements of planet and stars.

According to some Chinese culture researcher, there are  5 skills/arts, call Wu Shu ( ) which form the core of Chinese metaphysics.   Below are the table which I had summarized on the core of 5 skills for a better understanding:-

Famous Practice*
What it is
1.  Mountain /Sage
Qi Gong

Happy life is equal to balanced and virtuous life through philosophy of Tao (the way, ).   Tao focus on 3 values of compassion, frugality and modesty
It emphasize on living in harmony with nature, practice self healing through cultivation of internal qi (energy) meditation, diet, and martial arts.  Encompass faith and religion and spiritual practice using the wisdom of binary black (Yin) and white (yang) energy (qi)
2.  Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Diet therapy
Understand the body’s physical energy or qi circulation through meridian points.  Good health can be achieved through a balance of Yin & Yang with 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water)
Illness will happen when the 5 element and ying and yang are not balanced and  conflict exists between 5 elements.  Chinese herb is also divided into ying & yang and 5 elements base on colour, shape etc.
3.  Life
Purple Star astrology
Destiny analysis based on birth time and date.  Your birth date and time seals  your life destiny.  Professional astrologer can decipher this information and translate into  your character, wealth, career, relationship and health.  Accurate forecast can be given to the major event in your life such as marriage, time to create your wealth.

4.  Appearance
Classical Feng shui
Macro - Analysis of land form in environment for the yang force ,  human living space and ying force,  ancestral burial place.
Micro - Analysis of individual human appearance through face, palmistry

5.  Divination
I Ching
Qi Men Dun Jia
Tai Yi Shen Shu,
Da Liu Re
Tie Ban Shen Shu
Tarrot reading
Forecast on the outcome of an event through tapping into  your subconscious mind or using a time marker. Use by great emperors of China for making decision and predict the macro environment such as natural disasters.

Famous Practice*  -  I have put in some popular western practice which have the similarity in relevant skills intent. 

All the 5 skills are treasures which are useful generally to all,  irrespective of which culture you come from.  Most of us are already practicing one or more of these skills to help us to find our life’s purpose and help us to become wiser as we age.  

The famous practices of the 5 skills which had gained popularity  internationally  are feng shui,  destiny analysis and divination as  great business minded masters are able to apply those skills to achieve results in wealth related activities.

After being a Chinese metaphysics student and a practitioner for more than a decade,  I find that it is very important to practice virtue and mindfulness (skill-Mountain) followed by understanding your destiny code (skill-life) to guide you through life.  Only with a clear mind and understanding of your destiny and life’s goal,  then can you tap on energy of  healing, feng shui and divination to complement  your preprogram destiny  towards life’s path of maximum return. 

Application of 5 skills towards a full filling life

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