Saturday 26 May 2018

The power of Five elemental energy (五行)

Chinese metaphysics or the 5 skills (refer to 1st article dated on 23 May 2018are a study of cosmos energy which govern the universe, heaven, earth and man.  The cosmos energy is derived from the 5 major planets (Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury) influential gravity force which is visible from the earth. The 5 planets manifested as 5 basic elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  The 5 elements’ energy is seasonal with direction phase that are dynamic in nature and it is also called wuxing (五行) in Chinese.  Xing () means movement and 5 planets are 5 moving stars.  Each of elements has its own attributes.

Associated direction
Tree- growth
Biggest planet powerful gravity force
Warmth& happiness
Red planet 
Comfort & resources
Natural earth energy
seasonal transition
Execution & enduring
Second planet from the sun
Flow of emotion & wisdom
Smallest innermost planet

The 5 planets, Mercury(water), Venus(metal), Mars(fire), Jupiter (wood) and Saturn(earth)  in the solar system which is visible on earth sky

The 5 elements are interrelated to each other through the following cyclic relationship
  1. Strengthening  (One element produce another element) eg.  water produce wood,  wood produce fire etc
  2. Weakening   (One element weaken another element) eg. wood weaken water, fire weaken wood. etc
  3. Restraining  ( One element control/clash  another element) eg.  metal chop wood,  wood control earth etc
5 Elements producing, weakening, and clashing relationship

The five element energy (wuxing) are applied in all branches of Chinese Metaphysics in the 5 skills (refer to ), with various time dimension base on movement of earth, planets and stars which also impact the weather.  It is desirable have all 5 elements exist in harmony and balanced with each other in order to produce a balance in all aspect of life such as wealth, health and relationship. It is highly desirable  to have the 5 elements exist in balance and harmony with each other in all things universal.  
5 elements exist in balance and harmony

In my future articles there will be more insights on how prediction is done based on the five element energy in a day 

Interesting tidbits

According to the Chinese culture, every year there is a powerful deity call “tai sui” (Duke of Jupiter) which will sit in a certain direction of the animal sign of the year.  If Tai sui happen to sit in the opposite direction to your animal sign, then you are offending the Tai Sui or Fan Tai Sui.  Therefore you have to go to the temple to pray to Duke of Jupiter.   In reality,  since Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system with its mighty gravity  force,  it might affect a person emotion according to person birth energy animal sign direction.  In feng shui we do not want to activate the force Tai Sui by doing renovation in Tai Sui direction as the energy might affect the house dwellers in negative manner. 

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