Monday 17 January 2022

Roaring strength in 2022 Year of Tiger

Chinese around the world will be celebrating the arrival of spring or known as a lunar new year on 1 Feb 2022.  Chinese calendar system had assign an animal sign to a year and there are 12 animal sign.  These animal sign is just symbol  and the real meaning behind those animal  is 5 elements energy in Chinese metaphysics.  The animal sign in year 2022 is tiger, more specific water tiger. 

We will officially step into the 2022 year of tiger in 4 Feb 2022 4:52 am using Chinese solar calendar. Therefore we are still in the year of OX when Chinese lunar calendar.

All the Chinese feng shui master will use the 4 pillars ofheaven stem and earthly branch of arrival new spring (立春) energy pattern to forecast

  1. what will the year be for general public
  2. which industry will flourish
  3. any unusual event

The chart below shows the 2022 year of tiger energy pattern from the five element perspective.

The most powerful 5 element energy would be wood , water and the certain extend fire.  The 2 dominant energy will impact us differently depending how our internal 5 energy interact with those energies.

Wood 🌳

There 3 tigers in the chart with dominant energy of wood.  Wood signify growth, on the flip side it could mean guarding own area. Therefore government of different country could be more territorial.  The hour pillar second column from left consist of unify  heaven and earth wood energy which means people have more aspiration to learn. 

Industry related to wood such as education will be growing

Individual with monkey in the chart will need to be more careful as there is metal and wood clash which have potential for car accident.

Individual with pig in the birth chart will have a busy year with people asking for partnership.

Water 💧

Water mean wisdom, however it could cause overthinking with not much direction. 

Industry which will do well would logistic, delivery and even maritime (cargo)

People with a lot metal and water energy in their birth chart will need to learn to control their thoughts or it will cause depression. 

People with ding fire in the heaven stem will have a lot opportunities for partnership as well,  a busy year ahead.

Fire Energy 🔥

Since there are 3 tigers in the chart,  there are fire hidden in the 3 tigers across the pillars,  therefore the fire energy is relatively strong.  

.Fire which is hiding  could be related to energy crisis,.  Reliable sources such as business insider cited the increase coal, gas and crude.  Global trend is towards a clean decarbonized energy,  however to build those infrastructure will need time and energy such as fossil fuel.  Fossil fuel reserve is also low according to some analyst report.  

Technology is still going strong.  

The most interesting part would  the dominant energy of the chart, which is wood, are fighting for the wealth element earth in the day stem.  Does this mean there could be people or country fighting for wealth or power?

How about the water which is the wealth element in 2022 year of tiger?  There are water floating on year and month pillar,  which not grounded and easily being rob away.  

The current situation of government keep printing money to sustain the economy and global debt is about 281 Trillion dollar.  This would cause the major currency dollar to devalue.  Expansion of money supply which mean inflation is expected to rise by double digit,  some economist predicted 20%.  

The li chun chart is also a repeat at year and month, Ren Yin known as fu yin  could  mean current wealth will be depleted away and potential sad events.

The only year wealth element which is grounded in earthly branch is in the day pillar,  wealth can still be generated from working from home.  


Interested to learn more about how you would interact with 2022 year of tiger energy ,  click on the photo to fill in the form

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