Tuesday 5 June 2018

The time and direction dimension in Chinese Metaphysics Part 2 - 4 Seasons

The 4 seasons are regulated by the earthly branch animal signs and in each season there are 3 months :- 

Chinese time are presented in  4 pillars,  year, month, day and hour format with each pillar consisting  of one heavenly steam and one earthly branch element and animal sign.   For example if the date is 09 Apr 2018 time 12:30 pm,   it is shown as below in Chinese calendar.   

This is also known as 8 characters (bazi- 八字) in 8 white box.  As each individual is born at specific year, month, day and hour, therefore there will also be a bazi of the person’s birth day and time which is used in destiny analysis.  I shall discuss more about destiny reading using bazi in future articles.
There are 60 possible combinations of the 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches as each earthly branch will either pair with 5 yang and 5 ying polarity of each element known as sixty pillar Jia Zi.  One pillar  represent one year. 
This mean that it takes 60 years  to complete all 60 pairings which correspond to Earth, Jupiter and Saturn to reach the same relative alignment around the sun in about 60 years.  In order to know what Bazi of each Chinese hour are, we must use the 10000 year Hsia calendar to check the heavenly stem and earthly branch of the year, month, day and hour.

Based on the study of the stars’ movements, the Chinese astrologers are able to plot an energy map of the movement with specific direction.  Therefore the direction is another important component in determining qi flow which can be used in divination and execution of certain events.  .  Before the invention of compass, the Chinese could have used the circumpolar big dipper’s handle direction as a compass.  The compass was invented during the Han dynasty between 200-300 BC with the purpose of tapping into the directional energy to apply to feng shui or divination techniques. 

Time and space are two most important component s in Chinese metaphysics for various usage,  i.e. destiny analysis, divination/forecasting, feng shui etc.  In certain applications such as destiny reading we can use the time energy map or bazi of the subject’s birth hour, in divination we might need to use both time and direction.  There are many softwares available nowadays to help us plot the energy codes, however without any decoding from a master,  all the codes will remain a mystery.  

Ancient Chinese compass with a purpose of finding direction for best chi rather than navigation purpose

As the bazi four pillars represent an energy map of the time, the element energy will also dictate the climate of the day.  If the four pillars have too much fire element or water element,  then the climate could be very hot and dry!!!  

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