Saturday 30 June 2018

Application of birth chart analysis to manage your children

Many parents had shared with me the great challenges that they had in bringing up their millennials or post millennials (born 1990 onwards) children.  They have difficulties in managing their behavior and guiding them to the path which enable them to find purpose and propel them to the next level in their life.  Worst still, most of the millennials do not even what they want to achieve in life or realize what is their ambition and their parent are equally as lost.
Considering that the world is very much online than it was 30 years ago, the millennials had been exposed to various environmental influences from the social media and games which could have program their neurons in brain to be connected in different ways then the generation before.  With so much distraction from the environment, it could cloud the young minds and create a bigger generation gap compare to previous few generations.  Generations gap will cause miscommunication and with confuse mind, it become an obstacle for parent in the upbringing of the children. 

All is not lost as the influence of external environment cannot never overtake the imprint of the character through energy absorb from the time of birth.  This means parent will be able to understand their offspring character better if they can get help to decode all elemental energy through date and time of birth or known as bazi. 

There are 5 elements according to Chinese metaphysics wood, fire, earth, metal and water with ying and yang orientation, therefore there are 10 day stem.  The day stem will become our self-element depending which day stem we are born.  If a person born in yang wood day, then the self-element, day master is yang wood/jia (refer my previous article  However, a person mode of operation is largely governed not by the day master, but by dominant element/s in birth chart and how it interacts with self-element through cyclic relationship. 
5 elements relationship  produce/weaken/control cycle

Since there are 5 elements with its relationship to the self-element, generally there are 5 groups people.   The 5 groups are per table below:-

5 elements cyclic relationship
How to nurture them
Suggested type of work
Resource type Dominant element which feed the self, receive support and nutrition to produce self

Can learn and gain knowledge, analyze data. Intellectual 
Slow and lazy, as they have access to resource which create them
Find good teacher, teach them be more action oriented, follow up on them with proper schedule
Scientist, researcher, data analyst, actuaries, statistician
Buddy type Dominant element which same as self, become team to self
Team player, can network and connect with another person
Can influence by bad friends, disorganize, competitive, selfish
Team sports, be friend to them, encourage cooperation, learn by team activity, enhance communication
Sales and marketing, public relation, lobbyist
Constraint type Dominant element clash into self-element, self element being controlled
Follow direction, helpful, anti-conflict, nice person
Put a stop to own growth, become door mat
Give them clear direction and goal, clear cause and reasons, make them feel important, nurture their courage to go fore
Create system and procedure, systematic work
Output type
Self-produce dominant element, need to create self
Creative, lots of idea, expressive
Moody like artist, unrealistic, loner
Give them space to explore their ideas, learn by experience, cultivate their presentation skills
Artist, performer, creative field
Possessive (wealth) type
Self- element control the dominant element
Can make decision, take action, risk taker
Cunning, arrogant, bully, stingy
Encourage them to be leader, have a lot of goal to keep them busy, cultivate leadership skill and generosity
Manager, leader, business owner

Some people could have two to three dominant element and they become more complex esp. those with opposing dominant element such as output and constraint group.  Output element is those who are disorganize and very creative which is the opposite of constraint group who is systematic and follow rules.  An expert bazi consultant would be able to find the dominant element in the chart and reveal how the day master interact with dominant element. This  information to manage your children and guide to the path of maximum return for them in all aspects of their life such as career, wealth, relationship, etc.  This will enable you to understand them and their potential better through their elemental energy pattern in their birth chart.  It will also result in better communication and relationship when you start to speak their language which resonant with their life energy. 

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