Friday 3 August 2018

Health is Wealth – Lifestyle base on the movement of the sun day and night

Human body is largely run by about 1000 biological rhythms  as quoted by Andreas Moritz, a popular health book author, in his book “Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation”.
It is very important that we follow a life style base on the routine of sun in  day and night where we awake in the morning and sleep at night.  The most important biological rhythm is the production of two neurotransmitter by our body, melatonin at night – Ying , serotonin at day light - Yang.  Melatonin is a sleep inducing hormone which response to darkness,  serotonin is happiness producing brain hormone which response to natural sunlight.   The secretion of both neurotransmitter follow a 24 hour clock.  This hormone is secreted directly into blood stream to let all body cells know “what time it is” in relation of the earth position to the sun.  Melatonin is the lowest at about noon time and peak at ox hour 1-3 am.
Another neurotransmitter which is pivotal to our well being, serotonin increases with daylight and physical activities.  This neurotransmitter influence our day and night rhythms, our emotional state (depression, memory, impulsiveness) & appetite.  The amount of both transmitter will signal our body cell whether it is day or night and regulate the cell activities. 
Beside the main cycle of melatonin and serotonin,  some of biological activities which also follow a cyclic pattern of 24 hours are :
  1. Large bowel movement is most active in early morning
  2. Liver is more active at night to cleanse our blood
  3. Bone marrow produce blood cells at night when we are sleeping
  4. Most digestive enzymes are produce during day time,  thus we must have our decent meal during daytime
  5. Bile production peak at midday,  therefore it is good to have a bigger meal during the lunch.

 It is very important we follow the sun cycle to allow a natural synchronization of our body activity according to the sun routine.  Chinese had divided a day into 12 animal sign with 2 hour for each animal sign.   I am not sure if mere coincident that the wise person in the past label the animal according to the activity such as pig hour is 9 to 11 pm which is for sleeping and we associated pig is an animal likes to sleep.  Tiger hour is 3-5 am and most retreat camp require the participant to wake up before 5 am and be active like a tiger.  Then horse hour is noon time 11 am to 1 pm, which means eat like a horse for lunch.

Biological activities according to 24 hour clock

If we follow a good lifestyle benchmark against the position of the sun in relation to the earth and a healthy diet consist of more natural food with less sugar and salt  we should be able to maintain our health well. Before we upgrade ourselves to a better life we must have a balance healthy life style with good energy flow.  This is the reason why well being is an important in Chinese 5 arts.

Unfortunately the younger generation has reverse the cycle and thus there had been more and more mental and health related issues esp in the urban area. 

Tips to keep you healthy
  1. Drink a glass of warm water immediately wake up in the morning will help to flush out toxins
  2. Drink natural honey water with lemon juice in the morning before breakfast will also help to remove toxins
  3. To prevent cough drink water infuse with pudina leaves.  If your throat is itchy or having whooping cough you can chew raw mint leaves.  There are 2 types leaves which I use per photo below.
  4. If there is running nose due to flu,  grate lemon skin and add in very hot or boiling water and inhale the steam infuse with lemon smell.  It will help to clear your nose if you do it once or twice or even more often. This remedy had also help to alleviate children running nose problem. 
  5. Use coconut oil for cooking.

2 types of mint leaves, the top is more effective against cough which can be grow easily in tropical climate

Drinking Water with mint leaves 

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