Saturday 1 January 2022

Reflection on End of Year 2021

 It is time to do some reflection on end of year 2021 before we charge ahead in Chinese solar calendar new year 2022 which start on 4 Feb 2022 time 4:53 am.

Looking back at the article I had written in year 2021,  the chart shows a lot of secret combo betweenand within pillars, means a lot conspiracy going on either internal or external. 

One of the most obvious secret plot would be a government is formed without even the people voting for it in a democratic country.   This country had more than half a century of history where the citizen would vote for the government.  Definitely there must a twist of plot behind scene.   This is one perfect example some political party had benefited from the lock down.

While we still continue to have circuit breaker Corona Virus secretly mutate to a different variant. It seems that they are secretly scheming  against the human race.   

Many elements in the chart are secretly combine away as manifested in short supply in the manufacturing supply chain.  The secret combo also cause people to be uneasy and have lack trust in supply chain. Do refer to this Bloomberg article on the acute supply chain situation.

Year 2021 is indeed an interesting year posing some many challenges and opportunities in the politics and economy. For those who had safely journey through to reach end of year 2021,  do be grateful.  

 We shall look at  the  Arrival of spring (li Chun -立春) energy map of the water tiger year 2022.  Do stay tune to my next article.  

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