Monday 7 February 2022

How to use Chinese Astrology page calendar (日历) for Date selection 择日

I have shared on the Chinese astrology 12 day energy or commonly known as  12 day officer method to do an astrology date selection based on the 12 animal sign in my recent article.  The 12 animal branches is the measurement of season and time in the 4 pillars of year, month, day and hour.  You can refer to my past articles to learn more about the 12 animal signs.

One of the date selection method is using 12 day officer in Chinese astrology which is base on interaction of each animal sign with the month animal sign. 

One of the best method to check what is the animal of the day and month would be to use the Chinese Astrology  page calendar (日历).  Chinese Astrology page calendar is a thick calendar with 365/366 pages,  one page for each day.  It starts from 1 Jan till 31 Dec. 

There are wealth of information available in the Chinese astrology page calendar.  This include :-

  1. Month branch animal sign
  2. Day branch animal sign
  3. The day energy/officer which govern the day
  4. Suitable activities for the day

It is based on Chinese Almanac (通胜).  I viewed this calendar as a simplified version of the Chinese Almanac (通胜). 

You can dowload a copy of free 2022 day energy calendar for you to schedule your important activity in English.

Do view the you tube  video below 👇 for more information on how to use the Chinese astrology page calendar

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