Special date in 2020

This stay @ home period will have a different impact to different people depending on your own energy level.  It could be 

1.   Positive impact where extra time are gain which can be used for self improvement.  There some people who had wish they could work from home and now they got their wish come true.
2.   No impact at all,  life goes on as normal,  as some people does work from home most of the time.  
3.   Slight negative impact as company start to have force leave on employee or pay cut
4.   Major challenges for some people could have lost a source income due to lock down

Would like to congratulate those who are in the first 2 group,  and for those who has challenging time,  do be patient as there is always an end to trying times and it will transcend into a new beginning.  

Would like to share some general good dates with energy align to certain activities.  I hope it will bring values and benefit my readers.  

Clash animal sign
Best hour/direction
27 Apr 2020  (Mon)
Success day -  all good activities start work, business deal, medical consult 
9-10:59 am,  travel towards NW
29 Apr 2020  (Wed)
Open day -  Deal making, seek new opportunity 
9-10:59 am,  travel toward west
2 May 2020 (Sat)
Remove day -  remove problem and house cleaning, start diet
11 am – 12:59 pm, south
6 May 2020 (Wed)
Stable day – good day to sign long term agreement or start a long term project
9 – 10:59 am, south
7 May 2020 (Thu)
Commence day/Wesak day  – start new project ,  pray for a better new beginning
5 -6:59 pm North
9 May 2020 (Sat)
Danger day -  praying
3 – 4:59 pm south
10 May 2020 (sun)
Mother’s day / success day- cook for your mother

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